1987 BBC Session

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BBC Friday Rock Show Session

Recorded Maida Vale Studios London 6th Feb 1987

Broadcast on Radio One 27th Feb 1987

1 A Cautionary Tale

2 For Those Who Died

3 The 13th Disciple

““We recorded the ‘Fragments Of A Faith Forgotten’ demo on a four-track recorder in our rehearsal room and sent it off [to the BBC], and they wrote back offering us a session. We thought we’d hit the big time!
“People would think, as it’s a legendary thing and you look back and think, ‘Wow, the Friday Rock Show and Tommy Vance’, that there would be a little bit of glamour, you’d get put up in a hotel but, basically, back in the day it was hire a van, load your gear into the back of it; a real Bad News job, rattle down the M1 to Maida Vale sitting on a cushion with lots of cymbal stands precariously close to your head. It was all done in a day; you’d go down, set up, record, an hour to mix the songs and that was it.
Martin: “We planned which songs we were going to record and rehearsed them hard. We did ‘A Cautionary Tale’, ‘For Those Who Die’ and ‘13th Disciple’, which became ‘Horned Is The Hunter’ when we recorded the album. It was all a blur; when we did the Sabbat session we travelled down in a hired Luton van, the big old boxy things, with my mate Phil from college driving because he was old enough and had a clean driving licence. We hired the van from some local hire company, and I remember that the van wouldn’t start afterwards. It was winter, absolutely freezing, and the battery was just dead! Of course, there were no mobile phones in those days, so we were all huddled up in the back of the van, freezing to death under a piece of foam rubber and of course a copper comes along and asks what were up to. We rang the van hire the following morning and they sent out a mechanic. We’d bought some porn magazine from a service stop on the way down and stuffed ’em into the glove compartment. Somehow, it had caused something to overheat and shorted the battery wires!
“We were very happy with the results, but it’s so long since I’ve heard them. That session, along with the Kerrang! interview, got us our deal with Noise, for better or worse. Sadly, I never got to meet Tommy Vance, which was a shame because it was the Friday Rock Show that got me into rock and metal when Tommy played Ozzy’s ‘Revelation Mother Earth’.”

Session was repeated on 17/4/87

Tommy Vance also later played three tracks from HOATTC on the Friday Rock Show:
A Cautionary Tale on 5/2/88
The Church Bizarre on 4/3/88
A Dead Man’s Robe on 8/4/88


BBC Friday Rock Show Sessions CD single

BBC Friday Rock Show Sessions CD