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All SABBAT activity stops

Official SABBAT website domain name expires and is not renewed

SABBAT section removed from Andy’s forum

Martin auctions off some [unique Sabbat Items]

No more posts to SABBAT Myspace page

MARTIN resurrects THE CLAN DESTINED and begins work on second album

The Clan Destined are currently working on a new album. The recording band features members of Keltic Jihad and Jacqui Taylor. According to sources within the recording line-up, “Pagans With Ray-Guns” is a song to watch out for!

[Apr 4th 2011 Metal Discovery Interview with Andy]

METAL DISCOVERY: So now you’ve made such a killer Hell album, has that inspired you at all to do any new Sabbat stuff?

You must get fucking sick and tired of being asked that question!
Well, the thing is, when we started doing the Sabbat stuff again at the end of 2006 I think it was…
Yeah, for the Cradle of Filth shows in December that year.
Yeah, it’s been good fun and it’s been nice that everyone’s got back together and we’ve been out there and done it. We went out and did shows in America, and out to places in Europe we’ve never been to before but we were never going to do new stuff with Sabbat. Martin’s too focussed on doing his own stuff and I think Martin’s actually coming from a different place with his music now to what he was back then. So I think for us to actually write a Sabbat album now would actually be very difficult. I think we’d end up trying to copy what we were doing back then as opposed to writing…I think we could write an album and it would sound like Sabbat as well, but it would be less the feel of where the band was going where we were when, say, we finished ‘Dreamweaver’.

Yeah, you don’t want to do it for the sake of it.
Yeah, and the way it was with Sabbat, I don’t mean to sound wrong, but it was me doing everything in that band as far as the organising, the recording and I don’t want to do that through a group of guys who aren’t really doing anything else. So with the Hell thing, it’s worked out good for me because I didn’t intend on being the guitar player when we started doing this. I got roped into this by the other guys but it’s great fun because it’s a group of guys that I get on with so well. Kev is actually more enthusiastic than me, dare I say it. He’s pushing me to get things done and he’s doing as much of it as I’m doing. So I kind of feel like I’ve joined the right team here.

It was originally announced that Martin [Walkyier] was going to be singing on the album but I vaguely remember him telling me last year that it ended up sounding like a new Sabbat album or something?
Yeah, and that was the thing – I hated to upset Martin by telling him he wasn’t doing it but that’s exactly what happened. Because Martin’s voice is so distinctive and, basically, these riffs are so similar to what Sabbat was! A little less thrashy in a way, you know, it’s got a bit more rock to it, but you can see how it would have sounded like a Sabbat covers album almost. So we had to sort of say, “look, we’ve got to do this for the right reasons”. The reason for doing this album was to do a Hell album…and we had to sort of say, “look, this is the way we’re gonna go with this; sorry, but we feel this is more the direction the band should be going”. I think, with hindsight, it was the right decision.