Mourning Instrumental Demo 1990

Despite such setbacks [the departure of Martin and Frazer],(Andy) is adamant that the remaining Sabbat triumvirate will be recording new demos between April 9 – 13 with Ignorance bass player Steph Brookes lending a helping hand.

Neil Watson’s Mourning Demo tape 1990

Band member only demo, recorded by Andy Sneap between April 9th – 13th 1990
This copy belonged to Neil Watson, who said only 5 copies exist, the 5th copy being sent to Richie Desmond
5 tracks without vocals
Stef Brooks (Ignorance) on bass

On the tape insert the title is actually written as ‘SABBAT DEMO’S “MOUNING” and on the spine as ” SABBAT DEMO’S MOUNING HAS BROKEN ” but whether that is just an error or whether at that point the title was envisaged as also a pun on ‘Moaning’ I don’t know

You were thinking of disbanding Sabbat altogether?? “Oh yeah, it got really bad at one point. So bad that we were about to seriously start up a totally new band, new name, everything. Then one of Richard’s friends from New York rang up giving us the usual American rave about Richard and so we were giving it the typical English ‘Oh yeah…’ but when we got the tape through it was pretty good. So then we sent over some instrumental demos and he hired a studio in New York and put the vocals on over there. We flew him over at the end of September and it worked out great.”

5 tracks without vocals:
Without Trace
Voice of Time
Paint the World Black
Demise of History