Stranger Than Fiction Demo CD unofficial

Stranger Than Fiction Demo 1987

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Demo 87/88?


Stranger Than Fiction

The Original Sin


I dont have that! Can I get a copy too?
Andy Sneap, Jul 31, 2007
We did demo it on a 4 track and I did find the demos of entire dreamweaver album the otherday!
Andy Sneap, Aug 1, 2007


The tracks were not included on HOATTC as at the time it was planned to release a single which subsequently never happened



I am sure that many years ago I had a version of this with three tracks on, although I’ve long since lost the tape. The third track would have been ‘By Thy Command’ and if anyone has a recording of this demo with a noticably different version of that track to the one on [[HERE]]
then please get in touch!



Stranger Than Fiction Demo CD single