The Cautionary Tapes unofficial CD 2013


Blood For The Blood God Flexi 7″ 1987
1 Blood For The Blood God

BBC Sessions 1986
2 A Cautionary Tale
3 For Those Who Died
4 The 13th Disciple

Stranger Than Fiction Demo Tape 1987
5 Stranger Than Fiction
6 The Original Sin

Fragments Of A Faith Forgotten Demo Tape 1986
7 A Cautionary Tale
8 Hosanna In Excelsis
9 For Those Who Died

Magic In Theory And Practice Demo Tape 1985
10 The Immaculate Conception
11 The Original Sin
12 By Thy Command

Just for the record:
Yes, this has my artwork on the front cover and cd,
( lifted without permission from this site and uncredited )
No, I am not in anyway involved in its production .

The cover caught my eye on ebay and I just had to buy a few
because it is so cool to have a pic of mine on a Sabbat CD even if it is a bootleg one!

So, huge thanks to whoever did make this for using my pic, as I’m well chuffed!