Unreleased Official Live SABBAT DVD 2009

ANDY: We’re putting a DVD together of all the Cradle shows and a lot of the festivals we’ve done, so there are a lot of new recordings of the old material so I think that is the way to go; a look at the past rather than taking this forward.

Im putting together exactly this. We have filmed pretty much every reunion show.
Andy Sneap, Nov 6, 2007

just spent another 2 days compiling stuff for the dvd, including versions of Blood For The Blood god live. I hope to have this complete by the end of August and a distro deal sorted by late autumn.
Andy Sneap, Jun 25, 2008

In Sept 2009 Andy reported having almost completed what was going to be an official DVD release, with just the footage from the Download Fest to edit.

Source: andysneap

This was put on indefinite hold shortly afterwards…