Wildfire / The Clerical Conspiracy 7″ white label testpressing 1989

Isn’t it about time the band got into videos because I would have thought that for a group with such a strong stage presence and who utilise such virulent images within their songs, video as a medium would be an essential realisation. But then the easiest way into that is a single and isn’t Sabbat releasing a single almost a contradiction in terms?

Martin: “No, not at all. We actually have plans to do one in the future, sometime after the album is released, and if it does come off there will definitely be a video to go with it because obviously Sabbat visually are a strong band and that’s why we are making plans to branch out into videos at this very moment. The band is considering what we could do and how we could do it within a certain budget. I’ll hand you over to Andy because he knows a bit more about it.”

Andy: “We are going to film the entire Astoria show in London which is happening on June 1st. I think it’s going to be a five camera affair into which other ‘scene’ parts will be edited later but what those will be has yet to be determined. The single to be released will be entitled ‘Wildfire’.”

A side: Wildfire

B side : The Clerical Conspiracy

Unreleased 7″ black vinyl white label promo 1989

7 SABB 7