1987 Blood For The Blood God

As well as the album you’re also recording a flexi-disc for the dungeons and dragons mag “White Dwarf”. A strange move? “Yeah, it is a bit weird I suppose! What happened was that John Blanche the art editor of ‘White Dwarf’ had been looking for a band to do a flexi-disc for a long time. He just happened to hear our session and then got in touch. We’re recording it with Pete Tatershall and the song is based on one of their games called ‘Warhammer’. Martin wrote the lyrics and now it’s called ‘Blood for the Blood God’. The mag just gave Martin a big pile of books and he wrote the song from that. It’s not your usual horror type metal and the lyrics fit in very well with our imagery. ”


7″ square flexi on black acetate
UK 1987
LYN 19104

Recorded at Yew Tree Farm Studio.

Distributed in copies of Games Workshop’s ‘White Dwarf’ magazine Nov 1987.
Lyrics to the song were printed in the magazine along with an article about the band.

Based on Games Workshop’s Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game.