About this site

As of today ( 4th September 2011 ) there is surprisingly little Sabbat stuff online.

The official website has been unavailable for almost a year and the Sabbat Myspace page hasn’t been updated for eons.

So this is just a little project for me at odd moments with the following vague plan:

1] To try to string together a fully detailed list of all Sabbat release variations (excluding Mourning Has Broken)

2] To link together all the current online Sabbat stuff and perhaps mirror content in case some of the older unused sites get deleted

All images, trademarks, music, other content etc etc is here as a tribute to the band and to further promote the musical legacy of Sabbat

It is not intended to rip anyone off or infringe anyone’s copyright.

I’ve not included any band photos for that very reason.

Where I’ve included stuff from other sites I have linked to the source.


April 2013

I’d stopped bothering with this until I saw on ebay that someone has used the artwork from this site as the cover of The Cautionary Tapes!
This has made me realise that occasionally other Sabbat fans must drop by and this has galvanised me to continue with it and expand it.



Hope you find something here of interest!



This website has been put together entirely unofficially and I have had no contact with any band members  so I’m sorry but I cannot pass on any requests for recordings or information to them.

I did initially write to Andy and Martin to see if they minded me doing this but since I didn’t get a reply from either I thought I’d carry on anyway since I’d already put some effort in by that point and I reckon not getting a ‘No’ is second best only to getting a ‘Yes’  =)

That’s why I stress the term ‘unofficial’ and also why I’ve tried to be balanced in reporting the ‘Martin vs Andy’ internal politics from which Sabbat allegedly repeatedly suffered over the years.

It is possible that Martin and Mark Daley replied to me during the six months that I’d misconfigured my displayed email address and at the time I didn’t realise that I wasn’t getting emails forwarded so I’ll never know, but I’d like it publicly known that I’d be more than happy to receive any comments and/or criticisms from anyone associated, either directly or indirectly, with any of the bands mentioned on this website. There is a lot of stuff here and most of it has been researched from secondary or tertiary sources so if anyone objects to any errors or omissions I’d be really chuffed to hear from you and only too pleased to set the record straight.


or now =)