1986 Fragments Of A Faith Forgotten Demo #2

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‘This tape is dedicated to all who have died at the hands of the Christian church, by war and inquistion… they shall be avenged’

“Fragments of a Faith Forgotten”. Did it really cost a tenner? “Yes, honestly! We did it with Glynn Hather on a four-track just to see what we sounded like and we thought afterwards ‘Hey, this is quite good, let’s use it!’ We just got lucky I suppose, HELL spent £100 on their demo which was awful.”

The packaging for the tape is more elaborate than your run of the mill UK demo. “At the time we thought it was what everyone did! Since then everyone has been saying how good it was which surprise us. I don’t understand why other bands don’t do it. Surely it’s common sense?”

Martin; That was the demo cassette that got us the deal with Noise Records. The demos were copied one at a time, my parents had a hi-fi with a twin cassette player on it, and each of the cassettes was hand-copied in real-time recording. If anybody’s got one of those, it was recorded on my parents’ hi-fi. They were recorded on computer tapes – before disc drives, the first computers had a cassette instead of a CD, and we recorded on those tapes, because we had no money, and we had to do it really cheap. (laughs)


Demo 1986


Side A:

A Cautionary Tale

Hosanna In Excelsis

Side B:

For Those Who Died

Yeah, but what does it look like?
Well since compiling this site, I’ve yet to see two copies the same!

Most of the ones on the internet are green:

Has one with a green cover and italicised text on the spine of the insert
saying Fragments of a Faith Forgotten in black on green

I’ve got a green one with the spine title in a thicker upright blue/green font on a black background, a different ‘tail’ on the insert ( with just the song titles and no dedicatory text ) on a white tape with properly printed black and green labels:

Another green one that actually appears on several websites but is best illustrated at:


has a thick title spine font in green on black, a black tape and hand-written tape label

Yet another green one at :


has the same thicker spine font but has a shiny insert:

There’s a pale blue one with white labels on http://www.metallipromo.com/sabbat.html

I’ve got a yellow one with lyrics insert, black tape, no labels:

Nazgul has a similar yellow one with a signed original letter from Andy that has printed tape labels:


There was a white one recently sold on ebay, the seller was given it by Martin himself so there is no reason it would be faked :


and on the sleeve of the remastered edition of ‘History Of A Time To Come’

there is a photo of a red one!

The demo was first released in May 1986 : in April 1987 Andy reported getting up to 20 requests a day for copies, and as these were all handmade, it is very probable that most or even all of these variations are genuine.

If someone could confirm any definitive info about these that would be great..

Aug 2014:

Yet another green variant on ebay with slightly stranger artwork-


Fragments Of A Faith Forgotten Demo CD

Fragments of A Faith Forgotten Demo CD single