updated : 11/2/21




Wow, you know about Mystic Wytch. There were two versions. Started with just me and a good friend of mine on drums, Simon Gordon.
I wrote 11 songs and we recorded them on to a cassette tape, done in my brother’s bedroom. Simon played a rhythm on my guitar case, like bongos. The metal fasteners jingled like cymbals lol.

Song titles I recall…

Rocker Child,

One In Every Thousand,

Why Me?,

Mystic Wytch,

Growing Old,

The Man They Love To Hate,

and others I’ve forgotten.
But it was deffo 11, 6 on side one, 5 on the reverse.

MARTIN WALKYIER joins as Rhythm guitarist

…yeah basically, it’s a weird one with Martin .. not seen the guy or heard from him for about 20 years now, but it was me and Martin really because we were in the same class at school .. 1979-84 we went to comprehensive school in Arnold in Nottinghamshire. Martin was a Mod, a very very intelligent bloke, just sort of kept himself to himself, but we sort of got together I think purely because of our love of music. So even though he was in fact ‘The Enemy’ he wasn’t an enemy, you know, ’cause there was a lot of aggro between certain Mods in Nottingham and Rockers at that time, where basically we’d get chased and beaten up in the Market Square just for having long hair and wearing denim and leather…
But Martin obviously is a good lad and we hooked up, became mates and one thing I’ve never thought is that I’ve never had any respect from the guys – or certainly Martin – for getting them to where I got them, because I don’t think and honestly I’m not being big-headed – that’s the last thing I am – but when I think about it now after all these years it was me really that influenced the guy. He played me some of his music – I didn’t like it – I played him I remember Judas Priest being one of the bands, and he’d seen Judas Priest on a show – there used to be a programme called ‘Look Here’ – I don’t know if it was just a Midlands programme – and Toyah Wilcox of all people presented that when she was dead young – and Priest were on it. I remember at school the next day vividly Martin saying how much he liked it and I was like ‘God!’ – this is guy that was into Secret Affair! – shocking stuff, rubbish music but then he became into Venom. Venom was a weird one because I don’t really like all that stuff but as a kid I just thought it was so cool. I had a bit of a punk root in me as well, I’d liked The Pistols and Sham 69 and all that. So then Martin ends up getting into Venom and I’ve always thought it was a weird one this because … I don’t know how you switch from being a Mod to wanting to do that kind of stuff and I’ve always thought it was a little bit fake to be honest with you, but that’s not to doubt the guys’ intelligence and talent because he’s got it in abundance.