By Thy Command


‘We decided not to put ‘By Thy Command’ onto the album [HOATTC] It’s a good ending number live but it was one of the first songs we wrote and we think it is bit basic now.’


Reviled and rejected for the thoughts I resurrected,
For eternity I walk this twilight land
Defiantly prostrated to the lord thy god created,
In humility now face to fate I stand

I have no fear of dying
But fear my soul is frying
On the pyres that I constructed in my life,
You can feel your body burning,
As the brimstone wheel keeps turning
Feeding off thy heresy this night

Left alone and undefended unto him my soul is rendered,
And swifly I’m dismembered by his hand,
The wagging tongues that damned me,
Now crucify and hang me upon
torments they can’t hope to understand


Oh dark lord I abhore thee,
But I bow in fear before thee,
I tremble like a child – A broken man,
Eager now for death,
I draw my final breath,
Now I know I live or die