The Immaculate Conception


Awakening now from my slumber
Beholding the glories of centuries past,
My souls destination,
My minds revelation,
Revealed in my heart as it shatters

Crowning the king of an aeon that’s dawning
Christened in tears of impotent fools
Avenging with sorrow the hearts that you’ve broken
Drained of devotion – Emotional ghouls,

Mocked and castrated – Emasculated
Ridiculed for my belief,
With my spirit now broken,
My threats are but token defiance,
At your years of unending deceit

Declared a reluctant messiah
Desiring a painless release on the cross,
With my kindness of passion,
So long out of fashion,
My celebate soul begs for ‘paradise lost’

Soloman reigning – Arrayed in his glory,
Immaculate beauty conceived,
Let the prince be a fool,
Yet the jester may rule,
When the tables are turned – and the truth is revealed

Mocked and castrated – etc
Battered and bleeding,
No hope in believing,
A Saviour will come to redeem me at last,
Raped and abused,
Innocents used – By corruption
Then empty are scattered like chaff – (to the wind)

Awakening now – etc
Crowning the king – etc
Mocked and castrated – etc

Gentle jesu meek and mild
Pity thou this little child
You turn a blind eye as I weep
But watch me for my soul to keep
I bow my head and close my eyes
But beg you not to patronise
A shame that such humility
Shall burn in hell eternally
Forever…and ever..and ever