The Original Sin





Once long ago I believed that salvation was mine
I worshipped apostles believing their gospels divine

Shunning all thats evil, I turned the other cheek
I prayed for my deliverance, Always mild and meek,
I realise the folly of the noble life I led
The day you give your soul to god tis better you were dead.

Prayed night and day for deliverance from all I despise,
But the preachers who teach us betrayed my belief with all their lies

‘Till an anger grew within me,
At my years of wasted words,
I tired of repentance, and of prayers that went unheard

Father if you love me as your gospels say you do,
Why have you betrayed me – Why do you make me endure hell?

Hell is the fate that awaits me –
The price that I pay
I feel no remorse – Let the fire take its course – Praise the day!

That I gave my soul to Satan,
To do with as he pleased
With my soul laid bare before me
Exposed for all to see,

Father if you love me – etc