Unique Sabbat Items

This is a list of stuff that has come to light in recent years.
I do not own all of these items!

Martin Walkyier’s Dreamweaver studio lyrics book

Martin Walkyier’s Tour Itinerary book for the European Tour 1989

Sabbat’s dressing room door sign from the Download Festival at Donington 2009

Martin Walkyier’s rare Sabbat posters

Simon Negus’ Dreamweaver Tour jacket

Simon Negus’ Tour Itinerary from the Deadly Speed Convoy Tour 1988

Simon Negus’ Sep 1989 Tour Itinerary

Simon Negus’ Tour Itinerary for East Berlin gig 1990

Simon Negus’ rare Sabbat poster 2009

Martin’s AAA Tour passes

Neil Watson’s Mourning Instrumental Demo

Return To The Sabbat Bloodstock setlist

Frazer’s Dreamweaver store window display

Frazer’s SABBAT memorabilia collection