Updated February 10, 2010 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 13th Feb 10

Willow has now found a home !!

I am Willow an 8 month old American Bulldog. I am the third of my breed that Helen has had stay with her and as she said each and everyone of us she would of kept if she could. I am living with seven other dogs and even the annoying squeaky Buster doesn’t rile me. I am also perfectly behaved with cats, horses, young children and most animals apart from those black and white things they call cows who I am frightened of .
So, if you have cows you will need to give me time to get used to them. Helen says I am lucky to not have met the red colour ones, her and Mutley were chased out of a field last year by one, she likes the black and white ones that we have here in Dorset.
I am not bothered about being left for a few hours especially if I have had a meal because then I like to take a siesta for a while.
I also know my house manners and don’t chew the house or wee in it. The thought of doing that how uncouth!! Oh and one last thing I am excellent of the lead too.

Steve who now helps fostering dogs on the weekends took some lovely photos of me but hasn’t sent them in yet . I overheard him say to Helen that if he did someone would want me and then he wouldn’t get the chance to have me to stay next weekend.