Alfie, Oscar, Missy + Badger

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progress update on Oscar: 22/12/16

Merry Christmas Helen,
Just another photo of Oscar. He is without doubt the most talkative dog I have ever met.
He smiles all the time and greets everyone who comes into the house with a great big hello.
This was taken at Sandbanks a few weeks ago.
I hope you have a brilliant Christmas and a very Happy and prosperous New Year 2017.

progress update on Oscar: 12/12/15

Dear Helen
Well I cannot believe that Christmas is almost upon us once more.
Oscar and I would like to wish you and everyone at Dawgdogs a very happy Christmas and a brilliant new year 2016.

Oscar continues to grow in confidence and is a great warning system !!!!
I cannot believe that this is Oscar’s fifth Christmas with me.
I am so happy that I came to Dawgdogs to find my little boy.
He has just returned from the grooming parlour and he looks beautiful.
We are going to Studland tomorrow for a long deserved walk.

MERRY CHRISTMAS HELEN with love from Oscar.

progress update on Oscar: 30/11/13


Oscar and I would like to wish you a very merry Christmas.
I cannot believe he has been with me for such a long time.
He must be almost four years old now.
He is still jumpy and skittish but I think that is just part of Oscar.
He is a lovely boy and is always wanting to please.
He does make a dreadful racket should someone knock at the door.
He smiles at people which is so funny.
He will have a long conversation with anyone wishing to listen when they first arrive home.
I wouldn’t be without him and he and Paolo my daughter’s shepherd are the best of friends and they are very protective of one another.

progress update on Oscar: 25/3/13

Hello Helen

Well it has been three years now since Oscar came to live at 22….
He is still as nervy as ever but adorable nonetheless.
I guess its just the way he is…. he always has a guilty look regardless of the fact that it may not have been him !!!!!!!
Just thought I would send you a few snaps.

Kind regards


progress update on Oscar: 12/3/11

Hi Helen

Just thought I would send you a picture of Oscar who is doing really well….he is such a great boy and is loved so much by us all.
Today he went for his first booster jabs and weighs in at 17.10kilos.
He is in perfect health. He still gets a little nervous of situations he doesn’t quite understand….I think perhaps he will always be like this.
He is however a wonderful companion and he loves Paolo our other dog to bits.
They enjoy walking and playing in the forest behind the house and love to go to Hengistbury Head for a swim.
Thank you Helen for finding this delightful little man.
I hope his brothers Alfie and Badger and his sister little Missie are all doing well.
Lynda Bell.

progress update on Oscar: 5/6/10

Hi Helen

Just thought I would let you know that Oscar is doing very well.
He is still quite nervous of certain situations and does not like to be touched around the neck but I am sure that with patience and time he will eventually be OK.
He has been going to puppy training classes and has just received his rosette and certificate on the completion of his foundation course.
We are now going on to the bronze when the classes return next week.
He seems to come out of himself when we are in classes ….
he loves to be around all the other dogs and all the trainers adore him.
They think he is a bit of a pansy having said that ….
he sits on my lap with one paw on either side of my neck,
puts his head on my shoulder and closes his eyes when it is not his turn on the floor !!!!

Lynda Bell.

Alfie, Oscar, Missy + Badger have now all been rehomed !

progress update: 4/4/10

Alfie has now been rehomed !!!

progress update from Nicky
Alfie is a lovely dog. He is 12 wks old, he is housetrained and he sleeps all night.
Alfie is so good on his walks and loves to play with izzie and jack. Alfie is a joy to have and has come a long way as only 4 wks ago he was living in a scrapyard with his mum and siblings.
Alfie enjoys sitting having cuddles and keeps us all entertained with his funny antics.

Alfie is so gorgeous he is going to be a loyal companion..he is such a character he loves to play and go for his walks.

Alfie loves his cuddles .

Oscar, Missy + Badger have now found homes!

progress update:

It’s been a week since the gorgeous puppies arrived.
They are settling in nicely now and are starting to get more confident every day.
They are all collie x.
Alfie and Little Missy are tri coloured and Oscar and Badger are black and white.
They are a joy to have.

Kevin and Nicky xx

Just arrived !

Here are some pictures of the four gorgeous pups.
They are all a little nervous but always wagging there tails happily and like to come over for a cuddle.. a little nervous of us
Alfie has the jack russell face and at the moment is short haired and he is tri coloured.
Alfie loves to play.
Oscar has a black patch on his face the rest of his face is white.
Oscar is gorgeous.
Missy has two tri colour patches on her eyes and white in the middle of her face.
Missy is so tiny and cute.
Badger has a black and white face he loves his cuddles and is so like a fluffy teddy bear .
Nicky and Kev  xxxx