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Cadbury has now found a home !!

progress update: 3/2/14



It never ceases to amaze me how forgiving these rescue dogs are, all day Cadbury has followed me round helping with the Ironing then cleaning the windows,

never wanting to leave my side and every chance he has got when he has been close enough he has everso gently licked my face or my hand,

this is a dog who was shut in a shed never to see the light of day or given proper food let alone any love, it really breaks your heart



Smokey along with his siblings are small dogs about the size of a Cocker Spaniel ( even though they look larger in their photos ) .
For those of you that are a bit fanciful and always looking for the cross of two different breeds in a dog , this bunch are complete mix ups of all sorts of dogs and as far as I am concerned this is always the best sort.
They are very sociable and gentle dogs. Which is amazing seeming as they were locked away in a shed and living in filth. They still need house training but that will come quick enough now they are in foster homes. They are a year old.

Hi Helen,

Not sure if this email will get through but I hope so as it would be good if you saw the dogs as they were when they were rescued, poor little mites never saw the light of day always locked in a filthy shed got little food or water until they were abandoned and seen wandering on the road . A friend of mine phoned me and we went and picked them up it would just break your heart to see them I still cry with I think back, no wonder the poor things are so dirty.
As always Helen thank you so much.
Oh it is so good to know they are now in good hands.
All the best,