Charlie ( a.k.a. Charlie Braveheart )

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progress update: 25/01/2015

This is Charlie or Charlie Braveheart as Helen calls him.
Charlie ex Dawg dog was adopted by Robert several years ago.
The reason he is called Charlie Braveheart is because soon after coming into the rescue he saved Helen from being bitten by another dog.
He has always held a special place in her affections.

progress update: 26th May 09

Hi Helen

Just a few lines to let you know Charlie is still doing well.

Dont know whether I told you but he had a problem when he somehow
managed to swallow some sewing needles-

dont know where they came from.

He had to go to the vet and have an op to remove them but he came
through and was back to his old self in no time.

This happened about July last year.

Three more photos of the little fellow


Bob Wareham

This is Charlie a cavalier cross who was adopted the year before last by Bob.
One of the dogs that was in at the same time as Charlie was frightened
and used to a woman beating him, I was in the dog room with them and
this dog was about to fly for me when Charlie raced across and threw
him to the floor.

A small dog with a lot of courage.

” Charlie went to K9 at West Moors and got his Kennel Club Good citizens Silver Award,

stopped there tho he’s too mischevious to go for Gold tho I’m sure he could if we
He’s come to terms with Cindy the cat, he learned the hard way when she
scratched his eye and he had to visit the vet, its all healed up now!

Loves his walks in Delph Woods but he has a habit of pinching other
dogs tennis balls and burying them!!

Wouldn’t be without him tho he keeps us happy with his antics and he’s
such a lively, friendly little chap, he tries so hard to please.

Thank you again for giving us the privilige of taking care of him,

he really brightens up our lives and helps keep us young”