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progress update: 10/07/2020


I am just a little lad
My start in life was very bad
My owners – they just didn’t care
If I was – or wasn’t there

Almost every single night
They would argue, they would fight
But you could always guarantee
They’d take their anger out on me

To get away I really tried
But there was nowhere to hide
Very luckily for me
One day they did both agree

They didn’t want me anymore
So I was booted out the door
A nice lady came and took me away
In a dogs home I went to stay

There were many dogs like me
Waiting of a family
Waiting for someone to come
And give them all a happy home

People would come and take one away
I was always the one to stay
The months did turn into a year
And I was feeling safe in there

If interest someone did show
I didn’t really want to know
This was the place I wanted to be
Coz nobody was hurting me

But the dreaded day did come
When someone came to take me home
Oh no – Please do let me stay
My life was put in disarray

Please don’t let it start again
And I am put through all that pain
A shout, a kick and then a slap
Please don’t send me back to that

Part 2

I was given a basket full of toys
Even some that made a noise
They were very, very, very kind
But those early days were on my mind

So I made it very clear
That I didn’t want them near
Day after day after day after day
Behind the curtain I would stay

Another favourite place to be
Was tucked away behind the settee
I know it wasn’t very nice
But I bit my owners more than twice

So I waited for a clout
But they didn’t even shout
Six months went by and then a year
And I began to lose my fear

Every day they talked to me
And the patience that was shown to me
Any fool could clearly see
That no harm would ever come to me

Now they are my bestest friends
And this is where my story ends
At last I know I will always be
Part of a loving family

progress update: 15/08/2017

Some of you may remember Chester who found a home last year.
He was in rehab at the rescue for a long time and never allowed anyone to touch him.
Here he is on his first walk out with Debbie and just look at his tail wagging furiously.
It has taken Debbie and Ian a year of gentle encouragement for Chester to let them stroke him, sit near them on the settee, put a harness and lead on him and now finally he can enjoy a walk everyday.
They all get there in the end with lots of patience and kindness – even the most terrified and abused of the dogs we have in at the Rescue.

progress update: 14/01/2017

Chester has found a home !

progress update: 3/6/2016

I am so very happy today because Chester who has been with us for nearly 16 months has gone off to his new home.
He has gone to live with Debbie who has been with the Rescue since its beginning and she is going to bring him on at her place where he can have one to one encouragement.
Chester is in the best of homes.
I will miss him but am delighted.

progress update: 27/05/2016

Chester is still very nervous but has allowed Lianne to stroke him a couple of times and did have a play with her.
He is not running off so much when people come to the house but still won’t go near them.
It will take time but I hope soon he will feel comfortable enough to allow us to stroke him.
Due to how he was treated in his past it will take time and some dogs take a lot longer to come round than others.

progress update: 31/5/15

progress update:5/5/15

progress update:27/2/15

Chester is a 3 year old male Jack Russell who has had a rough time of it.
He is a sweet little dog, great with the dogs in his foster home but very shy and timid of people due to his upbringing.
When this little lad trusts he will be a friend for life, he has the most handsome face.

He will need some time with us to come out of himself and when he is feeling more confident we will take more photos of him.