Updated April 12, 2020 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 17/04/2020

Hi Helen
3 years today that you blessed us with Dinky and what an amazing 3years they have been!
Thank you so much, you’re an angel..
The animals are lucky to have you and so are we.

progress update: 24/04/2019

It’s been 2 yrs with our little star Dinky.
Thank you thank you, we love being his humans. X

progress update: 17/04/2018

I can’t believe it’s a year already since Dinky came in our family.
It’s been amazing, he’s a perfect fit and we love him lots.
Thanks Dawg dogs and Helen.
I hope we get many more years with him.

progress update: 13/10/2017

6 months of pure joy with Dinky.
He’s happy and settled and extremely loved.
Thank you DAWGdogs

Dinky has now found a home !!