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Ditzy has found a home !!

Could you be the person or family for Ditsy?
The fun loving Ditsy is a 11 month old staffie cross pup about the size of a cocker spaniel, so shouldn’t get much bigger.
She is lively, lovable, loving and good with other dogs.
She is energetic and could be well suited to an owner or family who also love exercise.
She adores long walks and running, so if you do too, then she could be the perfect dog for you.
Please give us a call, and make Ditsy part of your family.

progress update 11/12/10

Hi Helen.
I had a phone call from the RNLI flood rescue team to ask if I had any dogs that could help with there training.
So on a very cold saturday Ditzy Sprocket, Colin and I spent the day being man handled through make shift windows on the pontoons at the college.
Ditzy as alway took it in her stride and was a star.she was taken through windows lowered down into small boats and driven around, amongst lots of noise and spray
we had to make the whole situation be as real as possible for the crews to learn how to handle dogs of all sorts and sizes incase of floods.
I found it quite funny that it was a rescue dog who was helping the RNLI do rescue training, they where so very gratefull for all the help the dogs gave.
Infact they where that impressed they wrote a letter of thanks expressing how well the dogs coped with the training.
Last friday I was asked by Bay Radio if I would bring Ditzy to the studio and have a chat about DAWGDogs.
Yet again Ditzy took it in her stride and behaved great ,she was so happy to meet and greet everyone .
I keep wondering what else this little dog has to do, to get a home ???????
she isn’t perfact but she has so much going for her.
If you think you can give Ditzy our little star a home please call Helen .
Dits waites to see what her next adventure is going to be lets hope its her new home.
Ditzy and Angela.

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progress update 4/12/10

progress update 1/11/10

progress update 22/8/10

Hi everyone.
I hope you all like my new pictures,I went on holiday with Angela, Colin, Bozli,Wish and Sprocket.
We had such fun in the field, Colin’s dad came each day for his cup of tea and piece of cake.
In the background you can see some of the horses I got to know as they kept putting there heads over the frnce rail and sniffing me, I did’nt mind as they where gentle with me and two of them are only foles 3 and 4 month old.
In the field next to us there where lots of people camping so we have lost count of how many people and dogs I met this week but it was lots and lots.
We went to the beach and over the cliffs and went fishing [I wasnt very good at that but dad did’nt catch anything either lol]
I slept in the caravan with everyone and when we came home I went straight back to sleeping on my own in my crate with no fuss.
Dits is possibly Border Terrier / Staffie + ? cross, she is about the size of a small cocker spaniel, being about 7 months old so she is not going to get much bigger..
Dits loves to run and goes for half a jog with colin and wish,sprocket[ she is to young to do a full one ] so we normally meet them on the way back so that she can join in.
You would have to have a high fence as dits could easily jump a 3 – 4 foot fence just like she does the baby gate to follow me upstairs.
Dits is very much a mummys girl and loves a cuddle from all [but mostly me]
I would not put dits with young children, but teens or the young at heart would be great.
So come on who is up for long walks and lots of fun??
I’m off down the beach for a swim now,
licks and cuddles Dits x

progress update 15/8/10

progress update 1/8/10

Hi everyone I thought I’d let you all know that Ditsy has settled in well in her new foster home.
Jane and family have gone on holiday so Ditsy has come to us.
Ditsy is great fun to have around she is such a character she loves to chase her tail and will go to sleep holding it in her mouth.
Dits can get very excited when people come to visit so we are working on that,she has good recall off lead and has good manners when asked to sit ,stay ,leave. but if given the chance she will have anything food wise that you are silly enough to leave down which my husband knows to his horror when his bacon roll was taken[ Ditsy was licking her lips so it must have been good]
Ditsy has met lots of dogs on our daily walks and has been very good ,she loves to go for a swim with Sprocket & Wish
and is a nightmare when you are trying to water the garden with the hose as she thinks she can do it better and tries to catch the water so it takes twice as long to get it done.I know I shouldn’t laugh when she does this but it is so funny to see how excited she gets.
Ditsy is 100% clean both day and night and sleeps in her crate. Because Ditsy is so excitable and jumps up she would be better going to a home with older children
So come on who is going to be lucky enough to adopt this great pup??
give Helen a call and come fall in love with Dits

Ditsy has been fostering with us for nearly a week now and already seems part of the furniture (as well as on it a bit!!).
She loves a cuddle as you can see from the photos.
This little girl has so much to give and really wants to please.
She loves chasing her tail (much to Ozzies amusement) and frequently catches it!
Also loves chasing around in the garden with her toys.
For a five month old puppy, she is so good and has never attempted to chew anything other than her toy bone.
We have been trying to work out what she is crossed with and we think she could be a Boxer cross. Ditsy sleeps in her crate at night and happily wonders in and out of it during the day. A lovely little dog.

Jane and Ozzie x

Ditzy, 5 month old puppy, boxer cross (not sure what she is crossed with).
Really pretty girl, good with dogs and cats, loads of potential to bring on.
Going to make a superb dog, loads of energy and fun.
Knows a few commands already and clean.
Only arrived yesterday but already seems at home in Ozzie’s bed!
Jane and Ozzie x