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progress update: 16/03/2018

It’s three years today since we brought this nutter home adopted from DAWG,
she’s the nuttiest, most loveable fluff bag and we are so happy to have her as part of our family.
Here is Freya asleep on Bella (one of our 5 fluffbags).
Freya was found in terrible condition having been over bred from and treated appallingly.
She shows us how grateful she is every day, bless her

progress update: 23/2/2017

Freya & Murphy

progress update: 12/04/2015

Our beautiful DAWG dog Freya
We can’t imagine life without her, she’s amazing x

Freya has now found a home !!

progress update: 10/03/2015

Thank you so much or allowing us to adopt little Freya.
She’s an amazing girl and has fitted in perfectly with our other three.
They are all best of friends x

This is Freya who came in and went to a home within the week.
These are photos of her in her new home.
Freya is the one on the pink collar and has short hair.
We had to send her off for a shampoo and set as her coat was matted right down to the skin.