Harry the Beagle & Toyah the punky pup

Updated October 19, 2014 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 19/10/2014

Hi Helen
Just thought I would share some photos of Harry and Toyah as they settle into their new home!!
As you can see they have quickly settled in and already very part of the family !!
Harry has really come out of himself and is now very relaxed and happy with people and dogs !!
He actually has become quite a Daddies boy !!
Toyah keeps us and Harry entertained all day but really does not like the rain !!
“The princess ” has decided she will NOT go for a walk in the rain and unless desperate is not keen to go out in the garden if it’s wet !!

Harry likes a sleep…. And prefers the sofa or bed if he can get away with it !!
Oh and he has also learned to be a real beagle …. And loves to howl when he gets a scent !!
This is fine except at 5 o’clock one morning when we went for an early stroll !!
Ooooopppps .. Sorry neighbours but it was time to get up anyway !!

All well in the new home !!

progress update: 11/10/2014

Harry has now found a home !!

progress update: 28/09/2014

On Saturday Mark had his leg peed on and yesterday Helen’s leg was peed on twice !!
Now we are not casting aspersions but Harry was looking very guilty….

And that is all we are saying on this matter.
Harry is still looking for a home and when he is not looking guilty is a lovely dog who we think would appreciate the company of another dog to live with in a new home preferably a girlfriend.
He is little wary of men at first but soon comes round when he realises that he won’t be hit.
He is clean in the house and is a typical Beagle when on walks with his nose to the ground smelling all the delicious scents left by other dogs and other exciting smells.
Harry is about two years old and has now had his pockets picked so he soon won’t have the need to look quite so guilty.
We will post better photos of him as soon as Helen has taken him round to Stephanie to have his official portrait taken for his driving license, ID card and anything else the government requires of us to prove we are free citizens !!

Harry was rescued from a dog pound in the nick of time.

Harry is a two year old Beagle, and quite large for a Beagle.
He has shared a kennel with Hans when he was in Ireland and is sharing bed space with Hans at the Rescue.
At the moment he is settling in and we will write more up about him in a few days.