Kip ( a.k.a Kane)

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progress update: 29th June 09



progress update from Claire: 8th June 09

Hi Helen,
I love this picture. It show’s Kip at his best. We get the privilege
of seeing this alot. Someone just needs to give him a bit of time to
settle in and learn their routine and they will see his wonderful
affectionate, playful side, just like we have. He’s a darling.

He was good as gold while I was at the dog show. Very pleased to see
me when I got back.
We had the most almighty crack of thunder overhead last night. No idea
what time. It woke me with a start. Not a peep from Kip! He did get in
a bit of a state when it rained on our walk today though. He hates the
rain. He was trying to find a dry doorway to shelter in.

Got visitors next week. Hope he finds a home so I don’t have to feel
guilty that he isn’t spending this weekend with us..

See you soon.



for the work and care that they put into Kip

progress update: 1st June 09

Kip appeared in THE ECHO this week  !!

progress update: 28th May 09

I’ve been at Claire’s for the weekend.
She was a bit worried about me when she got me home on friday. I was feeling particularly itchy after my walk, which involved some aggressive stinging nettles. Unlike the other dogs I don’t have much hair on my underside to prevent me getting stung and I wish I’d realised that before I followed them! I was quite blotchy. After a quick text to Helen to find out what I’d been up to, Claire found some cream to put on the bumps. It meant I got extra tummy tickles so I was very good about having it put on. I quite liked the taste of it too but Claire insisted that I shouldn’t be trying to lick it off when it was meant to be making me better.
I’m being so good when I’m at Claire’s, I’m really hoping they will keep me. I know Mark is the one I need to win over as he’s not as much of a dog person as Claire is. Easy peasy! I make a big fuss of him and wag my tail lots. Works like a charm! He loves me the best! Some of the other dogs avoid him because their past lives have made them wary. He doesn’t like that because he wants to be nice to them too. I’m quite happy to let him be nice to me. I’m good like that.

Hasn’t it been warm for dogs this weekend! I didn’t know what to do with myself on Monday. After a little bit of running around with my rag toy, some peering through the fence at the cat (who hissed at me, how rude!), a long drink of water and a snack, I was far too warm for a walk so we waited until after dinner.

I very much like going out in the car. I try to drop hints by standing by the car, and every car we go near. We didn’t go out in the car. Too hot and too much traffic I was told. We had a nice walk though. Claire pointed out some dock leaves and told me I should remember what they look like for future reference in case I get in the nettles again. I eventually got a ride in the car and found we were back at the Rescue. Claire got me to show Helen my tummy which was still itchy but starting to heal up. Clive came and had a look too. He wasn’t very sympathetic. I’ll remember that when his nose gets sunburnt!
> I’m looking forward to seeing Claire and Mark again next weekend unless someone offers me a forever home before then.

I am off to Claire’s again this weekend and next week she will send an update of my adventures with her. I am really looking forward to this I love it at her house.

I have been back at the rescue for a few weeks now, I had a lovely home where I was settled and had made a new friend. This friend was a Cat and even though we got on together very well unfortunately I was allergic to his fur and my skin kept erupting into a very painful rash. It became impossible for me to even look at him without breaking out into something similar to the Bubonic Plague rash so I had to come back. I was very depressed for a while as I loved my home.I am getting used to the idea that it may take a while to find another one. I love my walks and rush to the front door in the hope that I will be taken out again and again. Sheryl also takes me out twice a week which is an extra walk in the day. Clive is amusing but after hearing his jokes repeated endlessly I am desperate to get out.

I am off out with Sheryl for a walk soon,she is training me to walk well on the lead. I am good at this once I get over the excitement of first going out. Sometimes I forget myself and growl at other dogs when I am on the lead but this is only because I am frightened of them and being restrained I think I had better show them I am tough. I don’t like to go too far from my people when off the lead. Helen says that it is all show and off the lead I am fine, I mix with all sorts of dogs at the rescue and am quite willing to share my bed.

Sheryl has just arrived to walk me so I had better go I wouldn’t like to keep her waiting.

progress update from Claire: 18th May 09
Kane knows the drill now. He can’t wait to get into the cage in the back of the car when we arrive to pick him up.
When we get him home he knows his bed goes in the lounge and he’s straight into it to recover from his long walk.
In the garden he’s taken to peering through the small gap in between the fence panels to see if he can see and stalk next door’s cat. I think he wants to be friends but he should have learnt that cats make him itchy.
The lawn has been a bit of a jungle for him this weekend but he didn’t seem to mind fighting his way through the long grass.
I remember he wasn’t too fussed about going outside in the rain when he was here before, this Sunday morning about 8ish there was a torrential downpour. Kip braved it for a wee but left me standing outside in my dressing gown with an umbrella calling him while he paced back and forth squeaking as he contemplated another quick visit outside or disgracing himself in the house. Let’s just say he really doesn’t like the rain!
He sent himself back to bed and hid is head. I didn’t have to say anything. After cleaning up I decided that if we weren’t going out and as he’d gone back to bed, I could have a lie in too!
Later in the day as I carried his bed into the lounge he grabbed the other end and the blanket to help and hurry me along. He pulled the blanket out so he had to watch and wait for me to put it right. He likes his bed and blankets to be just so for his nap.
He’s a cheeky monkey but we love him!
I feel a bit put out though!
I feed Kip, I refresh his water bowl, I walk him, I’m gentle with him, I settle him at night, I pick up his… well you know what but he’s always more pleased to see Mark than me! Mark definitely gets extra wags of the tail and more fuss. Kip loves Mark giving him a good scratch and a rough fuss. He gets away with anything.
It is a shame we can’t keep him full time but he would be on his own more than he should be and judging by the way he follows me around the house he likes the company.

progress update from Claire: 28th April 09
I had mixed feelings about seeing Kane again this weekend. Pleased to see him again but sad his new life hadn’t quite worked out. We bonded last time he stayed and he cried as I said goodbye, handing him over to Ann, making me feel guilty even though I knew he’d have a wonderful time at Ann’s until he found a home.
When we got him home from Helen’s on Saturday he knew he was back! He was very excited and full of beans. He ran the length of the garden and back into the house over and over again. I gave him a tennis ball and he continued running back and forth carrying the ball. He eventually calmed down and came to us for a fuss. He loves Mark. Even though he’s had irritated skin recently he loves Mark giving him a fuss and a scratch. The reunion was quite heart warming. He really is an affectionate boy! We took him for a walk in the woods, on the extending lead. He would come back to me straight away when called and didn’t pull at all. He was quite adamant that we should remain on the path, he didn’t like me trying to walk him through a rough patch as a short cut even though he could quite easily have managed it.
He squeaks a bit in the back of Mark’s car. He can’t really see out and I think he likes to.
He was quiet during the night and very eager for his walk on Sunday, reminding me where the lead was at regular intervals.
I love his cheeky personality. He has a lovely character. Helen knows I’m fond of him and was testing how much it would take to convince me to keep him when we got back to the Rescue.

progress update from Sheryl: 28th Apr 09

Hi Helen,

What a shame Kip’s new home hasn’t worked out.
I can see he has had some lead training as he walks perfectly on the lead,
so a lot of time and love was obviously invested in him.
Our first walk last week was a brisk walk around the local area as he
was feeling a little unsettled.
He was very good and walked well with me, although I didn’t give him much contact.
He has got to know me now after a few more walks together and is pleased to see he is going to
be taken out for a long walk- he gets quite excited!

Kip is still unsure of people-This is definitely not his usual personality!
He was always very loving and welcoming of affection from people,
but I think with a little more time he will get over his setback.
He has already warmed to me and is happy to let me give him a fuss during our walk.

Last week I took Kip out and my Dad came with us. Kip was great…
He stood on his hind legs and was asking for a fuss from him which is reassuring.
He was very obedient on the lead and enjoyed our company.
Today we walked up to a beautiful area where a lot of people go to
look at the view over Poole.
There were a group of 4 people admiring the harbour when we arrived and they came over and asked if they could stroke Kip. Unfortunately Kip was a bit nervous and was shaking
(understandably…they were all stood staring at him!!) so I told them
his story and they chatted for a while. He responded with a little wag
of his tail when they spoke to him, but I don’t think he is confident
enough for them to fuss him yet.
As we started to walk home, it started to really rain..
Kip’s pace got faster, I don’t think he appreciated getting wet!
He literally pulled the lead out of my hand as we got to the front door-
he must have known it was dinner time!

progress update: 19th Apr 09

Kane ( now a.k.a Kip ) is back at the Rescue as unfortunately he is very allergic to the cat at his new home,

and it has brought his skin up in a rash.

He is therefore now looking for another home

progress update: 28th Feb 09

Kane has gone to his new home today !!

progress update from Ann: 22nd Feb 09

Hi Helen,
Well what can I say about Kane? What a dog!
Not that staffies do anything for me, he is just a great dog,
now asleep in the armchair.
He gets on with all the animals here; cats are not worth a second look, the chickens not bothered about, the horses are a little large for him so keeps well away.
I open the door and just let him out as I would my own dogs he is soon back sat on the step.
Please find a home for him soon,
I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER DOG ( eight is enough!!! )
He is unbelievable, you would think he has been here all his life.
He will be a super dog for a family, loves a cuddle.
Hear from you soon,

progress update: 18th Feb 09

Kane is staying with Ann at her smallholding.

He is good with all the animals including

her eight other dogs,

and also chickens, turkeys, pigs, horses and cats!

He also loves going out in Ann’s Landrover !

progress update from Claire: 13th Feb 09


a bit bleary eyed after the anaesthetic …

Just don’t touch the stiches ….

Are you going to share that ?

I’ve been taking a few pictures.
He doesn’t like the camera much so the look on his face changes.
He looks more moody in the pictures than he really is.

He was amusing today. Mark and I went out for an hour or so, leaving Kane in the crate.
I sometimes put a blanket over the crate , to keep out any draughts and to make it feel more cosy and secure for the dogs.
Kane must have decided that he wanted the blanket in his bed, because that is where it was when we got home! Four blankets obviously aren’t enough for him.
Mark can’t work out how he did it. Kane must have had fun tugging the whole thing through the narrow gap between the bars! He didn’t rip it or do any damage, just stuffed it in his bed.

I’ve been painting the kitchen, being careful that Kane doesn’t end up with yellow highlights.
This morning he was quite happy to lie in his bed snoring away while I did the first coat.
This afternoon he was a bit more playful and tried, unsuccessfully, to get the brush.
He seemed to like purposely running near the wet paint to get my attention and then running off sniggering to himself.

I recommend that whoever adopts him finds a food that doesn’t give him wind!
I have spent most of the weekend with my nose under my jumper. We could have heated the house on what he’s been giving off!

The little bit of bruising from his op has faded now and he has only paid the area attention to give it a clean.
He has spent quite a lot of time in bed resting.
I was going to take him for a short walk today but he hesitates at the door when it is raining.
It was ages before he braved the weather to go out for a wee so I guessed he wouldn’t be that fussed about a walk.

progress update from Sheryl: 8th Feb 09

What a little ball of energy he is!
We had a really good couple of walks together. Kane started his walks very excited.
He couldnt quite workout which direction he wanted to walk, as he zig zagged in front
of me for about 5 minutes and was quite a challenge to control (He has
selective hearing Im sure!)

With a little guidance from me he settled down and realised I was attached to the other end of the lead! He pulls quite a bit and has his nose to the ground constantly.

After a good 20 mins when some of his excess energy was burnt off with brisk walking, he trotted well by my side.
He definitely likes a faster pace so this worked well for him.
I’m not sure he has had much heal command work in the past as he doesnt seem to even twitch an ear or respond if I speak or use his name.
I think when he really bonds with someone, he will probably be more responsive. Kane has a favourite side to walk-The left!
If I moved to the other side or switched the lead to the other hand-
he immediately wanted to walk back onto the
(Maybe he is used to running with someone on a bike?)
He is very nosey! He sniffs every doorway, window and tries to get a sniff
of passers by-We met a big boxer dog yesterday and Kane was eager to
say Hi which he did with very good manners and showed his submission
by letting the boxer sniff him all over while he waited and wagged his
tail-What a good boy!

After 40 mins or so, we stopped to have a rest
and some fuss-Kane definately loves this! The minute I sat on the
bench his front paws were up on my lap and he was nudging my hand as
if to say-I like this! He is hooked on love and attention. We got back
to the rescue after a good hour walk and although he walked better
than at the start-He still seemed to have a lot of energy left! Maybe
his little “man op” will calm him a little more. Kane seems to be a
loving, inquisitive dog, and once he gets into the swing of it-He is a
pleasure to walk :)

progress update: 6th Feb 09

progress update from Claire: 4th Feb 09

Hi Helen,

Kane is an excitable little chap isn’t he?
I didn’t get many pictures because he doesn’t stay still very long unless he is asleep.
I think he’s been watching too much Strictly Come Dancing because he spends most of his time on his back legs trying to dance with me.
He loves non-stop affection but he has started to recognise my ‘enough now’ voice and will settle in his bed for a few short periods before he comes back for more.
He has been good on his walks and is very friendly towards other dogs.
He doesn’t mind the crate but he wasn’t too happy about being left downstairs on his own at night.
He makes funny grunty noises until I put the radio on for him!