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Libby has now been rehomed !!

Libby is a very nervous dog.
Emma and her family have done a fantastic job so far but she is still very nervous-seems to be especially outside in the garden.
She is a fantastic dog and would make a fantastic companion in a kind understanding home.
From what I have seen tonight I think it’s down to the fact that she doesn’t understand because she is now experiencing things that she hasn’t experienced before.
She is in a great position at the moment as Emma has 2 dogs so she is learning seeing the other 2 interact with humans.
I am going back in next week to start to do some training, first to try to develop some social skills before we start obedience training.

progress update: 8th Oct 09

Libby is a very nice natured dog, she doesn’t have any aggression in her whatsoever which is surprising considering her life so far, she has clearly been beaten, most probably by men as at the moment she is extremely nervous around any new person she meets, when she first met anyone she would struggle to stay in the same room with them, however she is progressing slowly day by day and building her confidence up.
She needs to learn to trust people again as she is very aware of everything and is still not sure about people approaching her or stroking her and gets very scared.
She has also had very little training which we are working on with her, however is very good most of the time considering, she is toilet trained!!
Libby loves other dogs and it would be really great for her to have a friend as she gets on extremely well with any other dog, this is when you see her character, she is very playful and loves to be around them whenever she gets an opportunity, she becomes a lot more confident and comes out of her shell which is nice to see!

Libby is a young Lurcher who has had a hard life and is frightened of her own shadow at the moment.
Libby is very quiet and sweet natured.