Dirk ( a.k.a Milo )

Updated March 16, 2018 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 16/03/2018

Hi DAWG dogs, I wanted to send a short update on Dirk (aka Milo).
He joined our family roughly 2 years ago.
During this time he has stolen the hearts of all that meet him and has taught our other JRT how to play and be more independent.
Thank you for bringing him into our lives, he is so very loved xx

progress update: 22/06/2016

Dirk aka Milo enjoying walkies.
We adopted Dirk a few months ago.
He made himself at home immediately and we’ve never looked back…even Roxy loves him (and she hates any other living animal).
We are so lucky to have him in our lives

Milo has now found a home !!

Milo arrived this week.
He is only two years old and gets on very well with other dogs.
A very nice boy.