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Pat visited today with the promised Bonio for Mutley and Paddywhacks as a dessert.
Mutley, when food is in the offing is well behaved and polite, even offering a paw!

For more about Mutley, you can always read his Diary!
Mutley’s Diary

Mutley trying the tactic of getting his nose nearer to the plate whilst pretending to rest his head on the settee!

Mutley being more interested in being friends with a fox cub than snaffling the sandwiches!

Comment on September 11th, 2011.

part time work as a lumber jack!housesitting for all the waifs and stray foxes..ide ask for a rise in bonios if i where you Mutters….or….dare i say it……..go on strike! no more dog room chores…just sleeping on Helens bed all day xxx he he he he