Updated October 16, 2018 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Oakley has now found a home !!

Hi Helen
I thought you might like an Oakley update… he loves going out for walks and is good as gold off the lead, has no interest in the livestock on the forest and has excellent recall.
He’s well behaved in the house and sleeps well over night.
He is super friendly and loves human company, he’s really good with all other dogs but human company is more important to him, Oakley doesn’t like to be left alone for long so needs someone who is around most of the time.
Although he’s such a good boy I think he needs an experienced owner as he can be quite grumbly if things don’t go his way, and he likes fuss on his terms.
Oakley travels very well in a car and is enjoying socialising at the turfcutters pub and has quickly learned where the biscuit barrel lives!

Oakley is a cocker spaniel cross poodle

Oakley has settled in well at Kelly’s with her dogs.
He likes to bark at dogs on the telly.
Oakley is not suitable with cats or children.
He talks to you in growly form but this is just his way of communicating and dog speak.
He is intelligent and very active.