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progress update: 21/5/13

Just to let you know that all is well with Oscar.
Him and I must have been made for each other.
Cannot believe how well over this first 6 months he has fitted in.
I obviously chose the right dog. Would not like to be without him.
Hope you are keeping well
All the best.

progress update: 16/1/13

Think you would like to know. All OK with Oscar.
Can not believe how well he has fitted in.
So well you would think he has been here all the time.
Have been able to brush him every day with out any fuss.
In fact he likes it. Want to keep it that way.
So rather than me, have Vet recommended lady come so he can be groomed and washed ,which he needs.
She knows situation he could be nasty, hopefully not.
So keep your fingers crossed for me next Tuesday.
He is a great little dog, and think it is correct to say he likes me and I like him.
All the best for new year

progress update: 17/12/12

Oscar has now found a home !!

progress update: 22/11/12

Hiya Oscar has been with us a couple of weeks now and he’s proving to be a bit of a character.
Haven’t really seen any signs of snappiness and I’ve brushed him, picked him up and even cleaned up his “tailend”.
He is now eating well and gets very excited at meal times, although we have taught him to sit and wait for his food (who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?).

Off the lead his recall is good and so far he’s been ok with other dogs.

I think he would make a lovely companion for an older household.


This is Oscar.
He is a Bichon Frise, 10 years old in January.
He has been well cared for but unfortunately his last owners no longer want him.
So far he has been calm and reserved but have been told he can be a bit snappy.
So far he has got on with our dog Basil and has not shown much interest in the cat.
He would probably suit an older home with no children or other dogs.

philip slade
Comment on November 18th, 2012.

hi, have you still got oscar.i am interested in him,my wife has always wanted one.kind regards

Comment on November 30th, 2012.

Hello Philip, Yes Oscar is still looking for a home