Tilly (a.k.a Philly)

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progress update: 26/6/2014

Tilly Mae arrives at the Christie household….

I moved in lock, bed and kibble with Bengy on the 2nd May 2014. Popsy Andrew picked me up and the first thing we did was go for this humongous walk. I did not go back to Auntie Yvonne’s again. Eight weeks tomorrow I will have been here. I think they are getting used to me. Bengy is so laid back, and so easy to get one over on….well most of the time. I have to learn to share things with Bengy, Can’t help it but everything is so good that I just want it for myself. I have learnt to sit and wait for my food and not rush for it, Mops helps by putting it in a ‘go slow’ dish – managed to get it down to 3 minutes to devour 1 minute is licking the dish very clean. I don’t have kibble now, one sniff of what Bengy was eating and I was a transformed dog. My sore neck has cleared up, my fur is all grown back and my weight has gone up too. I have learnt to wait at the gate for mops to walk through first, Bengy does this so I copied him. Also, I lay down with Bengy when Mops is ‘diddlin’ in the kitchen. I walk nicely on my harness, but the thrill is when we go for walks, I just run and run and run…….and all the walks are different. Flat, hilly, with water holes, without. But I do object to being washed when I have just got smelling how I want to smell. My recall is somewhat sketchy. Mops just lets me know where she is and I look in occasionally but I have realised that it is better for me (treat better) if I return when she calls, normally for a good reason. I have met horses, and made so may doggy friends especially DAWGdog Tara (aka Nell) and Bilbo. I have lovely ball games, in and out the house. And I get the ‘bestest’ cuddles from Andrew Popsy and Mopsy. I have a bed I can lay out in all night, but am allowed a morning cuddle on the ‘Supremist of all beds’. Also, we have this huge sofa that Bengy and I and any other visiting dog or human shares. Bengy and I are also learning not to put the fear of God up the postmen, we only want say hello…..And then there is a bit of ‘over the fence’ communication with DAWGdogs Ozzie and Taylor and more recently Bear. All in all, I reckon I have ended up in a happy place…..I feel loved and I know that I tell them often I love them, and Bengy and I are friends

progress update: 21/5/13


Tilly is the dog in the background.

Tilly is settling in beautifully.
She started puppy classes yesterday, she was a bit distracted but not surprising for a terrier but she is getting it slowly.
Alfie is a wonderful big brother and helps to keep her in line when she gets a bit OTT with my grandson &
in the car (she has her own little seat belt);
he is brilliant with her and fabulous company for her (and me of course).
They are both a lovely addition to my family.
They are currently snoozing following a mad dash play session.
Thanks x

Philly has now found a home !!

We’ve only had Philly for a day but she is adorable.
She’s very playful for short periods and then has a nap to recharge her batteries.
She has met our cat who doesn’t know what to make of Philly.
Philly likes barking at her but that’s just to get her attention.
She sleeps in her crate at night and although she barks for a couple of minutes she soon settles down.

Philly is the sister to Tana both four months old.

Probably mixtures with a bit of terrier in them , they won’t be large dogs.

They get on with cats.