Rodg (a.k.a Rogan)

Updated July 10, 2020 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 10/07/2020

Rodg is doing so well and settling into our home!
His separation anxiety has got so much better.
We’ve managed to leave him for about 3 hours without him stressing!
He just sleeps! Xx

progress update: 15/02/2020

It’s Rodg’s (Rogan) birthday today.
We thought you would to see these.
It was also a year and a half yesterday since having him.
We are in our own home now, and he is loving it!

progress update: 19/01/2019

Haven’t updated you on Rodg (Rogan) for a while.>

He is doing amazingly and is not half as nervous as he was when we first met him!

He is loving his family home with us and 4 other dogs. X

progress update: 29/05/2018

Hi Helen
Thought you might like a Rogan update..
He’s settled here well and loves to play with the other dogs.
He’s initially very nervous of strangers but gains confidence quickly, although it takes him longer to trust men.
He is a very typical lurcher boy, will chase cats and livestock but is impeccably behaved in the house and loves a good snooze after a run!!
He needs someone to continue basic training with him as he does pull on the lead and his recall is a little patchy…
He’s a very gentle boy who really benefits from dog company to help grow his confidence

Rogan was in a dog pound and his time was up.
He gets on extremely well with other dogs, walks gently on the lead and has a gentle nature.
He is nervous of new people and in particular men at first and we think he has not been treated at all well in the past.
A really nice, sweet natured boy.