Maddie ( a.k.a Sophie )

Updated September 10, 2011 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update from Helen: 10/9/11

Mutley, Spike, Jackson, Gypsy and I had just finished our walk at the field and the dogs were safely in the car, when I thought I would just pop into a bush for a call of nature as no-one was around. I thought I heard someone mention my name, looked around no-one there, thought I had imagined it. Then Maddie came through the opening in the field, how lovely to see her after three years. She has grown from a puppy into a magnificent girl and as soft in nature as she ever was. She still leaps into Paul’s arms every night when he comes in from work even though she must weigh at least four stone !!

progress update: 21/12/08
Sophie has now been rehomed !!

Sophie is a gorgeous, eight week old, boxer cross who’s a little darling.

She is loving her new foster brother, Bob and can’t wait to get a permanent home.