The Silence of the Sheep

Updated June 14, 2008 Categories: Dooley's diary.

I’m afraid to say that I’ve been in such disgrace lately that I’ve not even been allowed onto the computer to put my entries up.

I’ve committed a Deed so Dastardly that I’ve even since been blamed for the Business Over Helen’s Wellies.

I’ll explain once I’m not in such trouble.

In the meantime, I shall catch up with some earlier stuff.

Here are some pictures of My Good Self and Mutley at the field near the river.

The long grass has recently been mown and now we can race around as fast as we like.

Mutley is my Hero, have I mentioned that before?

You can see Mutley wearing his special mask to stop him biting.

I think it makes him look like a superhero,

I’d like a mask like that so that I could fly and jump tall fences in a single bound

Sometimes I wonder if I should bite more things so that I can get a mask.
I asked Mutley about it, thinking that he’d be pleased that I wanted to be like him and hoping that he’d have me as his superhero sidekick.

He said I was daft.

I think he must have just been a bit hot after all the running and swimming,

really we are great mates !

Rocco says Mutley in his mask looks like Hannibal.

Rocco says those sorts of things because when he spent months running wild in Ireland he says he absorbed a lot of knowledge of popular culture. Anyone would think he spent months watching DVDs to hear him going on and on. I’ve no idea who Hannibal is. Rocco said something about The Silence of the Sheep, but I’m a sheepdog and one thing I do know is the only way to get sheep to be silent is to bark at them.

One day I’d like to have Lots of Sheep To Bark At !