Toby [brindle]

Updated August 9, 2015 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 9/8/15

Toby has now found a home !!

progress update: 27/5/15

Last week Ken took Toby out for the day, he had a lovely long walk and a stop off at a pub for a drink ( Ken that is not Toby! )
Lots of people came up to introduce themselves to Toby and he lapped up all the attention and wagged his tail furiously.
His training is coming along well thanks to everyone at the kennels but he is finding his long stay a bit stressful and we would love to find him a foster home where he can be part of a family and put his feet up and watch the telly until a permanent home can be found.
Can you help Toby out with a Bed and Breakfast holiday ?
The rescue provides his food, bed and veterinary care.
Fostering is a rewarding experience and we all feel that we have helped a dog onto a better life when they go off to new homes.
This is particularly true for dogs like Toby who were abandoned and then in a dog pound and at risk of destruction.

progress update: 18/5/15

Toby enjoying his walk yesterday

progress update: 29/4/15

Toby has been with us a couple of weeks now.
He is in kennels and would love to find a forever home.
The people at the kennels have been spending time with him teaching him his basic commands and as you can see from the photos he is learning fast.
Toby is a really nice dog who ended up down on his luck in a dog pound and then came to us when his time was up.
We would love for him to find a home that can give him the love he has not had before.

( You may have seen this photo before but that’s because I got him mixed up with Theo as there is also another dog called Toby… )

Introducing another very handsome loving boy Toby.
He is a male SBT who is a sweet friendly boy who loves to give nice staff kisses and loves to try and sit on your lap.
Though in the kennels he is kind of sad bless him.
Once out though he loves to have lots of cuddles.
He has not shown any problems while walking past the other dogs but this is not a dog test.
Toby is in the pound at the moment but will be with us this week.