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progress update: 22/10/11

Hi Helen and Jane,

Here are some photos of Twoey, he’s settled in really well and been absolutely brilliant, he’s getting a couple of long walks a day and plenty of ball chasing in the garden, where he is now off the lead.
He’s met lots of other animals, he barks at the cows and horses, quite likes the look of the pheasants though.
We spent the day with some friends with a collie cross and a terrier and they spent a lot of time chasing each other around their garden, ignored the chickens as well.
Will keep you updated.
Dave and Helene.

progress update: 15/10/11

Hi Helen and Jane,

Just a quick word to let you know Twoey has settled in really well, he has been a real star and charms everybody he meets, he’s met loads of dogs over the past few days and has got on well with them all.
Will keep you updated and will send some pics soon.

Regards Dave and Helene

progress update: 12/10/11

Twoey has gone to his new home today!!

progress update: 8/10/11

Due to family illness, Twoey is looking for a new home

progress update: 9/7/11

Hi Helen,
Thought I’d just send an update while I have 5 mins. Twoey had his op and was micro-chipped on 22nd June. Graham and the team at Afrivets were wonderful.We’ve never known a dog recover from an op so well.

Twoey has actually managed 1 wee and 1 poo in the garden since we last spoke. He’s been here two months now and still hangs on for his two walks a day. Not a problem for us but it can’t be good for his bladder! Still it might happen eventually.

As for walks, Twoey happily accepts being on the flexi lead for walks in the woods and even stops without being asked near the exits to the road so I can shorten the lead ready for leaving the woods. (He’s so clever!) We manage to go on a Heath walk about three times a week where he can run free for the first two thirds as long as I have the Sling shot and ball for him to fetch and return. On the last third he happily accepts the flexi lead back on.

We generally do half flexi lead/woods and half road walking each time. On road walking Twoey is on a very short lead held to heel as I’ve discovered this is the safest for him and me! It’s been about three weeks since I’ve spoken to you and I’ve tried your suggestions. The Clicker did nothing (I did look up on the net) so that’s now stopped. He isn’t motivated by food/treats as you know. I tried the reward of a favourite toy and Twoey completely ignores it and looks at me like I’m mad as if to say “why are you giving me that now, it’s out of context’. I’ve tried telling him to “Leave” as he pulls towards cars and made “AH AH” noises all to no avail. So I’ve now accepted it’s a short lead for road so he can’t ‘swerve’ and he has to have his fun exercise in the garden or elsewhere.

As for Twoey generally, he is doing really well. He is a lot livelier than at first and realising he is still a pup. He behaves beautifully when we’re out and has now been left for five hours without a problem. He’s great with the grandkids generally but has to be reminded not to jump up when they cry. (I think it must sound like an animal to him). The Vet says he had put on over 2 kilos on his last visit which is brilliant. He loves his two meals a day but isn’t fussed about treats. He is a very affectionate dog and loves being ‘massaged’ and stroked. But when he’s had enough he happily goes back to his bed. He sleeps in his bed in our bedroom at night and just sneaks up for a cuddle at 7ish (which shouldn’t be allowed of course but I love it). All in all he’s wonderful, so thanks again to all at Dawg Dogs. Anyway that’s all for now. Hope things are going well.

Thanks for your support,

progress update: 9/5/11

Hi everyone.
My new owners picked me up from Jane’s yesterday where I’d had a great time playing with Ozzie.
I was an angel on the way home and quickly settled.
They’d bought lots of new toys but as usual I ignored them all for my faithful tennis ball.
I only had two accidents in the house (well it is a bit nerve wracking all this moving about!)
Today has been a great success with two long walks.
Honestly the Heathland is like a Social Club with all the doggie friends I made!
My appetite is improving and I’ve met all the family……..a couple at a time of course.
I know I’m a celebrity but I didn’t want to be overwhelmed.
Everyone adores me naturally.
There has just been one major change. My new owners had decided to call me Alfie. Now I know it’s a great name but they soon realised I’m Twoey through and through. They recognised I’d had enough changes in my life already so were easily persuaded. Honestly humans!
My new ‘Mum’ vacuumed this evening and I don’t know what she would have done withouth my help.
I kept that Dyson under control with my chasing and worrying.
It made a change from cows but then you have to take what you can get.
Anyway that’s all for now, hope my fellow ‘fosterees’ soon find a home as happy as mine.
My new owners just want to say a MASSIVE THANKYOU for letting me come and live with them.

Barks & Licks, Twoey xxxxx

Twoey has been fostering with us for five days and as you can see, he has made himself very much at home!
He is an absolute delight to have around.
On Easter Day we walked along Avon Beach to the Quay at Mudeford with my Father-in-Law in a wheel chair.
It was absolutely heaving and Twoey took it all in his stride.
He watched patiently while Ozzie showed off his swimming skills.
He will make a fabulous family dog, he loves everyone who comes to the house, he is clean and friendly with other dogs. Twoey loves to retrieve a ball and will happily entertain himself picking up and dropping a tennis ball. He does not chew. Please ring Helen at the rescue if you are able to offer Twoey a home – 01202 380467

This is Twoey who arrived today from Ireland.
He has settled in really well after his long journey and has behaved impeccably all day.
He has welcomed everyone who has come to the house today and Jeremy wants to keep him already!
Will update in a few days but in the mean time, if you think you could offer Twoey a home, please ring Helen at the rescue – 01202 380467

Jane and Ozzie x

Twoey is a year old collie.
He’s an intact male, very very friendly and loves all other dogs, I knew him as a pup but recently found he was chained to a fridge in a shed on a foot and a half chain, what a horrendous fate, he is such an energetic dog this was one of the worst tortures immaginable.
He needs a very big garden or fields free of livestock to run in. The farmer chained him because he started to chase cattle, basically doing the job he was bred to do, and as he was given no job he simply went to find one himself… I’d call it innovative!, he’d be seen as a very pro active person if he happened to be human and admired for it, but because he’s a dog, the farmer blamed him and took what he saw as the only action available to him!! so Twoey would do very well at agility training, he’s very willing to learn but has a lot of learning to do as has had no input bar been shouted at from what I can gather.
He is a very special dog with a special amount of energy and it would help if the prospective owner knows what its like to be a collie of this calibre!
I have some lovely footage of him as a pup and I know his entire life history if whoever gives him his forever home wants to know more about him.
This dog is very special, with a special story, he’s been given a second chance and he so deserves it…