soul of midsummer

soul of midsummer

Another folk-story is told of a nineteenth-century antiquarian who as a boy visited the island and met an old man in whose childhood people went to the stones secretly, especially at Midsummer and on May Day. ‘His parents had said that when they were children people went openly to the circle but the Ministers had forbidden all that – so now they went in secret for it would not do to neglect the stones…
And when the sun rose on Midsummer morning “Something” came to the stones walking down the great avenue heralding by the cuckoo’s call.’

The Hushing of The Wye

The Wye

” The Wye is hushed nor moved along,
And hushed my deepest grief of all,
When filled with tears that cannot fall,
I brim with sorrow, drowning song.

The tide flows down, the wave again,
Is vocal in its wooded walls,
My deeper anguish also falls,
And I can speak a little then.”

from ‘The Hushing of the Wye’
by Alfred Lord Tennyson