Please come and visit The Pop Up Dawg Shop !!

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The Pop Up Dawg Shop is open at various times this week!

It is situated in Iford BH7 and pre-booking is required to comply with Covid Guidelines.

We have collars, leads and harnesses from £1.

Bowls from 50p, coats and clothes from £1, crates from £3, toys 50p each and much much more.

If you would like to make a booking, ring or text Jane 07871 162682.

Please tell your friends.

All proceeds go to the care of rescue dogs.  

Thank you Pets at Home!!

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We would all like to say a huge Thank You to Chris, everyone

at Pets at Home, Branksome and all their customers

who gave so generously in the recent Support Adoption for Pets fundraiser.

A massive £500 was raised!

It is a tremendous help for us towards our vet bills and care of the rescue dogs.

Pets at Home Save our Rescue Centres Fundraising Appeal until 5th July!

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Due to restrictions we at DAWGdogs will not be able to go into store as we usually do for the Summer Support Adoption for Pets fundraising.
The lovely team at Branksome Pets at Home with whom we are partnered will be collecting on our behalf.
Please do support the Rescue by making a donation at the till.
We will miss seeing all the customers that we and the dogs meet on the fundraisers but hope to see you all at Christmas!
From All at DAWGdogs

Santa Paws Appeal

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Santa Paws Appeal at Pets at Home, Branksome

Please come and say Hello

and maybe donate a meal or two for the dogs’ Christmas dinners?

progress update: 18/12/2019

Buster Bronson and Flash …. on duty raising money for DAWGdogs

Biscuit doing her bit at Pets at Home on Monday

Lord Lester and Jeanette were at Branksome Pets at home to raising awareness of the Santa Paws Appeal.

He condescended to wear antlers for a very short while but did keep his Christmas jumper on which was bought for him especially to strut his stuff in.

progress update: 11/12/2019

Alani saying Hello to a customer today at Branksome Pets at Home.

Eric has been helping to fundraise today at Branksome Pets at Home .
I think he enjoyed himself by the looks of it.
He will back to help again on Friday afternoon.

Lord Lester is trying out his antlers ready for fundraising at Branksome Pets at Home tomorrow.
He hopes to meet lots of people and raise funds for the Christmas meals.

Alani and Eric are at Pets at Home, Branksome

today and tomorrow helping us raise funds for the Santa Paws Appeal.

Please come and say Hello to them

and maybe donate a meal or two for the dogs’ Christmas dinners?

Could you help foster a rescued dog?

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We are desperately short on foster homes to help a lost soul onto a new life.


Fostering is rewarding and sometimes hard work but to see each one of them go off to a new and better life is all the reward we need.


If you can foster one of our dogs please phone the Rescue.


Every foster home we have is another dog’s life saved!

Santa Paws Appeal at Pets at Home Branksome

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Pets at Home, Branksome are once again holding their national Christmas appeal for Support Adoption For Pets –

Santa Paws Appeal in store now until 24th December, 2017

During the Santa Paws appeal, you will be able to ‘Buy a Pet a Christmas Dinner’ for a 50p donation.

Please pop in and say hello to Helen and the team of DAWG volunteers,

meet one or two of the Rescue dogs and donate 50p to buy a Rescue dog a Christmas dinner.

Thank you for your support.

Please help look for Scruffy

Updated November 12, 2017 Categories: current appeals, stolen / missing / lost.

Bertie has now been found !

Updated November 12, 2016 Categories: current appeals, news.

UPDATE 5:30pm Sat 12/11

Bertie has now been found and will be with Helen by the time you read this.

Thank you very much to everyone who helped to try and find him and also to everyone who helped to spread the word!

Our annual DAWG show is not far away – can you help with us prizes?

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Our annual DAWG show is not far away – can you help us with prizes?
We need bottles, raffle prizes and auction lots.
Suggestions for auctions lots could include weekends away, restaurant vouchers, garage services, pamper days etc.
We still have lots of Bric-a-brac to sell so no more this year thank you!
If you can help with any of the above, please contact Helen at the Rescue 01202 380467 or Kate 07990 614091 or message DAWGdogs on Facebook.

Could you foster a DAWGdog? We could save more lives if we had more foster places for them to stay whilst they are looking for a home

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Could you foster a DAWGdog ?


Every foster home we have means another dog we can save.
We are looking for people who have homes with well enclosed gardens and who are at home for most of the day.
The dogs that we care for are all different, the only thing they all have in common is that they all deserve a better life!

Many of the dogs will be in poor condition on arrival.
Some are underweight, others may have skin complaints or injuries, some will have been very badly treated and spent a life living in fear of the next blow.
This is where the foster homes come in. It is their job to build the dogs up, returning them to a a good state of health, and above all the foster home will need to teach the dogs that not all people are bad!

Some of the dogs have never lived in family homes and therefore they need to be taught some manners, for example, shoes are not for teething on, settees are not for sleeping on, gardens are not for digging in and it is not acceptable to help themselves from the fridge or table.
On arrival all dogs are stressed, sometimes from a long journey, and inevitably they will get upset tummies so you may feel as though you are spending all day with a mop in your hand!!

All food, bedding and vets expenses are paid for by D.A.W.G, so it will not stretch your finances, however it may stretch your patience!! It also helps to have a car to collect the dogs and also to take the dogs to our vet when needed.

Fostering can be messy, upsetting and hard work, but the feeling you get from knowing you have made a real difference makes it all worthwhile.

If you are unable to foster a dog full time but are able to on the weekends,
we always have dogs that would appreciate a weekend of TLC and undivided attention !