Rocco ( a.k.a Prince Rocco )

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progress update: 03/11/2020

Hi Helen I hope all is well with you. Well we’ve worked out that Rocco is probably about 14 now and unfortunately it’s beginning to show.
We had a fabulous holiday in Cornwall mid September with Rocs doing his favourite thing..visiting the beach everyday.
He was going off his food over the week so we decided to visit the vet when we came back, his teeth are so worn that he’s not able to eat biscuit so he’s now on wet food.
He also had a weird turn, falling over, crying and pooping himself. His blood has been checked and all results are a little high but normal for a dog of his age, they then did xrays and found he has good hips but has calcification on one of his vertebrae, he’s now on half a paracetamol morning and night daily and Metacam every other day.
He still has a good quality of life but his swimming days are over sadly, it’s so lovely to think that he had a holiday in that beautiful weather and enjoyed himself so much.
I thought I ought to let you know how things are going.
We love him so much and can’t thank you enough for trusting your instincts and giving us the pleasure of looking after him.
Take care and stay safe.



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Happy New Year from Rocco too!
Don’t worry we didn’t really get him drunk for this picture, he was
just pretending! Convincing though isn’t he?

Those of you who may not necessarily be looking forward
to the attainment of another year’s passing
might like to read this:
Growing Old
( We especially like the photo of the dog with three tennis balls in his mouth !! )

Merry Christmas from all at the Rescue !!!

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Please note !

The Rescue will be closed for re-homing related enquiries from

Christmas Eve until Sun 4th Jan 2009.

All the DAWGdogs will be enjoying their festive holidays and

we will be unable to reply to phone messages or emails during that time

so please ring us in the New Year !

Rocco and his DAWGdog friends

and everyone at the Rescue

would like to wish you all a

Very Merry Christmas

and a

Happy New Year in 2009 !!!!

( Thanks very much to Claire for delivering Rocco’s Christmas card for him ! )

i’Ve LeARnT tO TeXT!!

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******* sms text message to Helen from Rocco *******

************** 16-Nov-2008 17:10:58 *****************

WhaT tiMe dO


hOMe? lOvE


******* sms text message to Rocco from Helen *******

************** 16-Nov-2008 17:12:33 *****************

Ask Claire if its

ok for you to

stay out later

I will be back

about 8ish and

your tea wont be

ready till then

******* sms text message to Helen from Rocco *******

************** 16-Nov-2008 17:14: 02 *****************


We’LL ComE a Bit

AfTeR 8 THen.

sEe yOu LatEr HeLeN

afteR My Nap.

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RoCCo’s diAry

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Dooley's Bragging and Gloating

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This entry has been written by Rocco who has become exasperated

enough with Dooley to try and tell the internet about how he really is !

Dooley is just impossible ever since I was in the Echo he has taken the mick out of me.
Now he is to be in the Echo he talks about it endlessly, Yak, Yak and more Yak.
It is so boring to hear him bragging and preening himself.
Anyone would think that he is the first dog to be in the Echo which of course he isn’t.
I was there when the photographer came to take photos of him at
the Rec and I remember her laughing at his long tongue hanging from
his mouth as he chased the ball.

At least I had the sense to keep my tongue in my mouth when my photo was taken.
He sits and holds court with all the new dogs that arrive and has them
enthralled with his long and tedious and repetitive stories about The
Day The Echo Took My Photo, I yawn and go to sleep.
Mind you after a couple of days they too yawn and go to sleep once he starts.
I expect he will save up his Bonio money to buy extra copies to sign and give out.
Thank goodness I am going to Claire’s this weekend and won’t have
to listen to him for a couple of days.

A home at last?

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Getting lots of fuss from Claire and Stacey !

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