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Buzz has now found a home !!


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progress update: 9/07/2017

Nearly 10 years since we adopted Buddy……..can never thank you enough for our gorgeous crazy boy!


Sally the Jack Russell

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Sally is happily rehomed

progress update: 07/08/2016

Hi Helen I’m long overdue with an update on Sally.
She has been with us for over 8 years now and will be 11 at Christmas.
She is just the best dog ever and I still look at her sometimes even after all this time and can’t believe she’s ours!
She’s such a loyal little dog who always gives us such a lovely welcome even if we’ve literally just popped out to the car to get something!
She still loves her walks especially the beach ones and has lots of great holidays with us in Devon and Dorset.
Her favourite place of all is Weymouth because every time we have to take her to the toilet she gets to play on the sand!
She does spend more time sleeping now {as the photos show} but in between has lots of energy.
She still manages to leap onto all the beds no problem!
We all love her so much- the best dog in the universe!
Best wishes, Marion.



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progress update: 1/1/13

Hello Helen, I hope you are well.
I thought I’d update you once more on how Sparky’s year has gone.
He’s had a great time on three holidays to Cornwall, Devon and Lyme Regis.
The photo of him is on the beach in Cornwall with my aunt’s dog, Dennis.
They agreed best at a distance, but managed to set up a game of tag fetch together as Dennis couldn’t quite manage to return the ball properly, but was quite good at outrunning Sparky to get it in the first place!
He’s done okay health wise. He has a lot more fatty lumps, but the vet assures us they are benign.
He also had a problem with his eye and after much investigation the vet eventually discovered a foreign body which was successfully removed.
He is still a very happy dog at the centre of our family and is much loved.
Thank you again for our your hard work.
Have a great Christmas and I wish you all the best for the New Year,

progress update: 22/12/11

Hope you have had a good year and everything is going well at DAWG.
Just to let you know, Sparky is still well though he’s had an eventful year!
In the spring he was on holiday with my parents in Devon when he got bitten by an adder (for the second time!).
Unfortunately this time he had a much worse reaction & his leg swelled up dramatically.
Being miles from the car & Sparky too heavy/in too much pain to be carried my parents made a 999 call and were transferred through to the RSPCA.
The multi-choice automated system proved impossible to navigate on a mobile phone, so they made a second 999 call.
Eventually they managed to get Sparky back to the car park where they were met by an RSPCA officer who took Sparky straight to the closest vetinary hospital.
My parents have since described it as the most traumatic experience of their lives.
Sparky was given medication, put on a drip & kept in over night and it was touch and go whether he’d survive & there was also a possibility he’d lose his leg.
After he was discharged my parents then looked after him at the cottage they were staying in – both sleeping on the floor downstairs to keep Sparky company.
When I saw Sparky a few days later he was so dosed up on painkillers that I don’t think he knew what was going on.
I’m very happy to say that Sparky has made a full recovery – let’s just hope he has learnt his lessons with regard to playing with snakes!
Apart from that Sparky has had a good year. He still enjoys his walks locally and further afield.
Now that my dad has retired there’s much more opportunity for mid-week trips to the New Forest and Sparky loves having dad home as he’s his favourite!

Needless to say he is very loved and we wouldn’t be without him, thank you again for all the work you do.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas & wishing you all the very best for the New Year,

progress update: 10th Jan 10

Dear Helen,
I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year and everything is going well at DAWG.

Sparky is still doing really well. As well as his daily walks up the local wood/streets, he went on two walking holidays to Wales and Devon this year, which he enjoyed immensely. We had a health scare earlier when we found a large lump on his hindquarters. We took him to the vets straight away, who was of the opinion that chances were it was cancer and gave him a biopsy ASAP. We had to wait two weeks for the results. Luckily the results came back clear – the lump is just a fat deposit! As you can imagine this was a traumatic time and we were all having to try and come to terms with the prospect of losing a special member of our family – so our relief was indescribable!
I think I forgot to tell you last year that Sparky survived an adder attack. We didn’t realise at the time what had happened, but the day after we took him for a walk to the New Forest, we noticed Sparky’s chest was hugely swollen and the skin had gone a purple colour underneath the fur. Although Sparky seemed fine in himself, we took him to the vets who diagnosed an adder bite. The vet warned us at the time that he may be prone to tumours in the future, so this recent scare seemed all the more possible.

So altogether, it seems Sparky is very lucky – he seems to have more lives than a cat!
Anyway, I hope this year goes well for you and good luck with all your work. Thank you again for all you do,
Love Lauren

progress update: 22nd December 08

Just to wish you a Merry Christmas and let you know that Sparky is
still doing very well.
He continues to enjoy his regular walks up the New Forest (I’ve
attached a photo of him enjoying running through the frost there) and
he’s been on holiday to Devon again this year.  We recently de-fleaed
him, shortly after which he stuck his head in the compost bin and came
out stinking- of course we couldn’t bath him for 48 hours after
treatment and I don’t think he could work out why he wasn’t as popular
as he normally is!  I’ve also attached a photo of him admiring his
reflection – though I think really he is keeping an eye on the
Wishing you all the best for the New Year,

” We adopted Sparky from DAWG two years ago.
He’s a big softie and loves having his tummy rubbed.
He’s a great adventurer, sadly with no sense of direction.
Fortunately he has loving owners who will happily spend hours scouring the New Forest trying to find him! “



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progress update: 1/8/12

Hi Helen

Some sad news, Toby passed away today after developing a vigorous form
of cancer that saw him decline considerably in the last two weeks. He
was on his favourite sofa when the time came and is buried in a sunny
spot in the backyard under the window. He gave us 15 years of pleasure
and was a fantastic companion before the kids came along and great
company for them as they grew up.

We shared many adventures not only all around Britain but also since
moving to Australia a few years ago, surfing in the Southern Ocean and
worrying he might become a Great Whites dinner come to mind!
I shall never forget the first time I saw him at your house all those
years ago and I would like to think we gave him a little happiness

Once again a big thank you for bringing Toby to us and keep up the
fantastic work!


Clifton and Belinda and kids.

progress update: 8/4/12

Hi Helen.

Not sure if you remember me, I am Melissa’s brother, Clifton.
I took a rescue dog off you, Toby about 13 years ago.
He was a grey cross terrier.
Anyway, I saw your website the other day and thought I might write in and let you know a bit more about Toby.

We emigrated to Australia in 2006.
There was no way, we were going to leave him behind.
So after much expense, saying good bye and quarantine, he landed here in Adelaide.
6 years later and he is still going strong.
He’s 15 now, a little slower and a lot deafer!
He enjoys a daily stroll oon the nearby beach and often has a swim.
He needs a haircut more often than before, but as you can see, i do it myself.
I believe that the climate here is far better for his arthritis and his general well being, he’s still the Toby from all those years ago at Talbot Woods and over the common, just a bit slower.

I thought you might want to mention him on your site as an example of how a rescue dog can bring so much to a family over many years.

Have attached a few photos of the old dog.

Hope you are well and good luck with everything.



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Woody has found a home !!

progress update: 1/3/12
Woody is off to his new home today!

Woody is a 7 month old Collie lovely, lovely dog and good with dogs and we would imagine children.
He has only just arrived and we will update him as we get to know him more.


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Pat visited today with the promised Bonio for Mutley and Paddywhacks as a dessert.
Mutley, when food is in the offing is well behaved and polite, even offering a paw!

For more about Mutley, you can always read his Diary!
Mutley’s Diary

Mutley trying the tactic of getting his nose nearer to the plate whilst pretending to rest his head on the settee!

Mutley being more interested in being friends with a fox cub than snaffling the sandwiches!


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progress update: 5/11/10

Mac has now found a home !!

progress update: 1/11/10

I am now staying with Jeff and his 5 dogs and I reckon I get on quite well here.
There is a horse who takes no prisoners so I behave myself around him.
I go to the pub every evening with Jeff for a pint and socialising and I am getting to know the locals who think I am a fine and friendly chap.
As I am the size of a Labrador and not one of those giant type dogs you see hogging the sofa I fit on Jeff’s bed with two of his other dogs, not sure how much room is left for Jeff but he doesn’t complain.
I have met new people who have visited Jeff and have behaved myself and acted like a real gent.
I originally came from France so I am bi-lingual but no-one at the pub speaks French so I chat in English.

progress update: 27/10/10


Mac is a six year old labrador/ridgeback/ beagle cross (quite a mix).
He is very affectionate and loves walks in the forest.
When he first arrived he wasnt quite sure how to approach the other dogs in his foster home but he has chilled out now and likes to play with them.
He loves his food and has to watch his weight a little.
He takes the opportunity of exploring the neighbourhood should anyone leave a door ajar but can be coaxed back with the promise of a ride in a car!
He can sit, lie down and even do high five.
He is also good at recall when he feels like it.
His beauty regime involves plunging in water and rolling in dirt straight afterwards.
He maintains this keeps him looking dapper.
We are all enjoying having him to stay, he is a great dog and will make a loving pet for the right person.

Mac has now found a home

The Dog with Nine Lives

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Chrissie is happily rehomed

progress update: 29/6/10

Chrissie went to live with Dave and Sue who have adopted several dogs from us over the last fifteen years.
She has settled well and is much loved by them.