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Tilly has now found a home !!

Tilly is a 13 year old wire/long haired Jack Russell who we took on back in August as her owner is at end of life.
She is a sweet girl who is on the look out for food all the time as she’s on a weight loss plan now as a bit round.
Her hearing is selective and has a slight sight problem due to age, but hears when the treat box opens.
She loves her walks but doesn’t like to go too far. We walk her on an extendable lead, but she over does it at the beginning as she thinks she’s still a pup.
She gets on well with my 2 boys, but they are very laid back labradoodles, but hates any dog that gets in her face especially bitches, so I would say she would do best on her own or with a dog that is not confrontational.
She is getting used to petting and doesn’t attempt to get on furniture, laps or climb the stairs.
She leaps out the door now at toilet times, so she is getting lighter.
She is upto date with vaccinations last one August 12th and worming September.
She is microchipped.
We would love to find her a lovely home to live out the rest of her life.


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Cara has now found a home !!

Cara is about 2yrs old, she arrived very dirty and sore but after 2 baths, a trip to the vet and some tlc is settling well.
She is a gentle girl who loves a cuddle.
She gets on well with other dogs and enjoys a good run with them but is also happy having a quiet sniff.


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Evie has now found a home !!

Evie is 7 months old and a Lurcher.
She has arrived into the Rescue and settled in her foster home with Jasper and his people.
On arrival she raced around their garden having stolen Jasper’s toys to play with.
He wasn’t that bothered and watched with some resignation that she was not going to give him much peace…


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Heidi has now found a home !!

Heidi [ GSDx ] has arrived.
A gentle soul who has clearly been socialised with other dogs.
She met Missy first who was quite grumpy and no reaction from her apart from to sensibly back off.
Next she met Pippin who likes to strut his stuff to begin with when meeting new dogs.
Within a 5 mins they were chasing each other up and down the garden.
She does startle easily from a sudden noise accompanied by a human movement which tells me maybe she has been smacked.
She will soon get over this. A really lovely girl and youngish.
Not going to inspect her teeth yet to determine her age as she has enough new experiences on her first day to cope with.
Considering she has only been with us for a couple of hours she is so far taking it all in her stride


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Deedee has now found a home !!

Deedee is a sweet girl, a little nervous at first until she gets to know you which doesn’t take long.
She has come in from a couple who loved her dearly but unable to keep her.
She is good off the lead and with other dogs when out on walks.


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progress update: 6/08/2021

Loki as can be seen has settled well into his home and a few months later is now helping to foster other rescue dogs before they find a home.


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Lucy has now found a home !!

Lucy (known affectionately as Lucy land pig because she likes to wallow in muddy puddles) is around a year old.
She is fostering with Pat and her dogs

Is a joy to walk,excellent on recall, great with other dogs when out.
Once she has had her hour running she is chilled and calm.
She has excellent manners and has had some great training in the past.
Lead pulling only because I can’t walk as fast as her but honestly she settles into a nice stride.
She will make someone a great dog.

Dear Helen we had a girlie lunch ,my foster mum and Aunty Emma,we went in the car , behaved nicely,had fish and chips from Nic the fish @penhill ,they loved me and then a stroll on the beach and prom..
I was well mannered and behaved and didn’t have those pesky boy dogs at home pestering me to play ,much love Lucy land pig x


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Charlie has now found a home !!

Charlie is a Yorkshire Terrier who came into the Rescue from a dog pound.
He had a skin infection which has been treated now.
Charlie is a really nice boy and gets on well with the other dogs here.
Becomes very excited at walk times and in the morning when I come downstairs ( was thinking of investing in plugs ) but now is much calmer and quieter.
Great off the lead and loving forest walks.
Those of you that like to lay in bed until late will need to know that Charlie is an up with the Larks type of dog… Better than any alarm clock I know, apart from maybe my Cockerell alarm clock, which has me jumping out of bed along with most of my near neighbours!!
He is starting catch onto the fact that I do like to get up as late as 7 am now and then…


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Teddy has now found a home !!

Teddy is a scruffy Terrier mix approx a year to 18 months old.

He and his foster pal Loki are getting on like a house on fire. They play constantly until tired out.
He has met other dogs out and is friendly – saying “Hello” politely.


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Ember has now found a home !!

progress update: 2/08/2021

We had sadly lost our beloved Tara, our 15 year old Staffie/Lab. Fizzy and Lily, our other two dogs are now 12 and 13 and don’t like bouncy puppies. We asked Helen for a quiet, laid-back dog. She suggested Ember.

Ember made herself at home as soon as she arrived. She was quite happy to join in with Fizzy and Lily’s routines. She is very intelligent and only has to be shown something once before she understands.

We have lived with a long line of Terriers. We would never have believed we would adopt a Chihuahua. However, we are so pleased she came home with us. She is so affectionate. Fizzy and Lily have accepted her and she now likes to go hunting in the garden with Fizzy.

She is like a cat and can climb up anything. She makes herself comfortable on the backs of the sofas, where she can look over our shoulders (and snore). She also appears to teleport. One moment you see her in one room. The next moment, she is somewhere else.

Everybody who meets her falls in love with her and she is more than happy to offer them a cuddle!

Thank you Helen for such a wonderful little dog!

Best wishes