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Deedee has now found a home !!

Deedee is a sweet girl, a little nervous at first until she gets to know you which doesn’t take long.
She has come in from a couple who loved her dearly but unable to keep her.
She is good off the lead and with other dogs when out on walks.


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progress update: 6/08/2021

Loki as can be seen has settled well into his home and a few months later is now helping to foster other rescue dogs before they find a home.


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Charlie has now found a home !!

Charlie is a Yorkshire Terrier who came into the Rescue from a dog pound.
He had a skin infection which has been treated now.
Charlie is a really nice boy and gets on well with the other dogs here.
Becomes very excited at walk times and in the morning when I come downstairs ( was thinking of investing in plugs ) but now is much calmer and quieter.
Great off the lead and loving forest walks.
Those of you that like to lay in bed until late will need to know that Charlie is an up with the Larks type of dog… Better than any alarm clock I know, apart from maybe my Cockerell alarm clock, which has me jumping out of bed along with most of my near neighbours!!
He is starting catch onto the fact that I do like to get up as late as 7 am now and then…


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Ember has now found a home !!

progress update: 2/08/2021

We had sadly lost our beloved Tara, our 15 year old Staffie/Lab. Fizzy and Lily, our other two dogs are now 12 and 13 and don’t like bouncy puppies. We asked Helen for a quiet, laid-back dog. She suggested Ember.

Ember made herself at home as soon as she arrived. She was quite happy to join in with Fizzy and Lily’s routines. She is very intelligent and only has to be shown something once before she understands.

We have lived with a long line of Terriers. We would never have believed we would adopt a Chihuahua. However, we are so pleased she came home with us. She is so affectionate. Fizzy and Lily have accepted her and she now likes to go hunting in the garden with Fizzy.

She is like a cat and can climb up anything. She makes herself comfortable on the backs of the sofas, where she can look over our shoulders (and snore). She also appears to teleport. One moment you see her in one room. The next moment, she is somewhere else.

Everybody who meets her falls in love with her and she is more than happy to offer them a cuddle!

Thank you Helen for such a wonderful little dog!

Best wishes



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Harvey has now found a home !!

Forrest (a.k.a Forest)

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progress update: 29/07/2021

Hi Helen, hope you’re well :) Just a quick update on Forrest. Well.. He’s just perfect. Seriously perfect.
Everybody absolutely loves him, he’s so much fun.
People always comment what a happy chappy he looks when he does his zoomies with the biggest grin on his face.
He loves having visitors and shares kisses and toys with them, he loves his food. He is so cuddly too.
He makes friends with all the doggies at the park. He just loves life and loves trying new things or places – he gets excited for adventures and loves the car!
He completely understands our routines and fits in perfectly well. He is super confident and relaxed.
Thank you for letting me have him, I couldn’t love him more. A true love story.
Here are a couple of pics, one looking happy doing his zoomies and another one with his life jacket on, ready for a swimming lesson (not a great success XD!) xx


Flynn ( a.k.a Buzz )

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Flynn has now found a home !!

progress update: 03/08/2021

Buzz now named Flynn.

A few photos of him in his new home and update that came via text:
He is doing amazing, he loves the beach and has been in the water a few times.
Has met lots of dogs,bit of work to be done there.
Bonded with our other dog.

Buzz is a friendly energetic puppy.
He gets on well with other dogs and enjoys a good run and play in a secure area.
He knows a few basic commands and walks well on the lead until he wants to say hello to someone or another dog.
He is clean in the house and is setting well at night but is not quite ready to be left alone in the day.


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Barney has now found a home !!

progress update: 16/7/21:

Just to let you know we have Barney home now, trip home fine, been out for a walk and so far so good!
I think he and Lottie will sleep well tonight – they haven’t stopped playing!

Barney slept well for his first night, finally settled around 11am but only with Lottie in the bed next to him after we had to drag her back down from her slumber on the Landing, they have def bonded well. Nice early start at 5am, but a nice quiet walk! Lottie declined and stayed in her bed. All good – fences not tested yet although we plan to keep him on lead when in garden for a while.

Barney update. All going well, he is a very sweet and happy dog. Vet check up all ok, he is on some paste to get his poo solid as bit runny but hopefully just food change/settling in. Both dogs getting on well, he loves Lottie. Tried him off the spike in the garden for around 3 hours with 4 of us strategically positioned and no escape attempts, we even had a search and rescue plan in place!! Doing a bit of home agility but need a bigger tunnel! Slept 11-6am last night! All good so far.

loving the camper trip
loving my woodpile!
loving the beach!
and loving our Lottie

Barney is 10 months old and needing a home.
He has been in two homes so far that we know of via the internet since being sold by the breeder and coming into the Rescue.
Barney is a very friendly dog and gets on well with other dogs.
He always spends lunchtime with the girls at the kennel he is boarding in. They all love him there and no doubt he pays particular attention to what flavour sandwiches are being unwrapped at lunchtime….

Barney needs a high fence as he has been practising his Commando skills climbing the ones in his previous home.


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Sonny has now found a home !!

progress update: 4/5/21

Sonny has had no problems settling without Hamish.
He is progressing steadily and is now coming close for cuddles, and we are getting a few tail wags.
He is beginning to warm to regular visitors, taking treats from them.
We went to the beach where he was not sure about the waves but was happy to sit in beach hut and watch people passing by.
He enjoys his walks and interaction with other dogs, although is still wary of people close by.

Sonny is very nervous in all situations, he is just beginning to take treats from our hands but is very easily spooked.
He is very nervous out walking but relaxes in quiet areas and enjoys a sniff about.
He occasionally tries to play with the others but mostly just watches.
He enjoys a good run in the back garden and returns to the house if he is unsure of anything.

Sonny arrived to us last Saturday.
He was in a dog pound and his time was up..
Sonny is around a year old and has not been treated well at all.
He will need someone who is patient with him and to build his confidence.


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progress update: 28/4/2021

Hi Helen, We thought you’d like an update on Tetley, this his first Gotcha Anniversary.
What a difference a year makes