Apologies if you’ve experienced recent problems accessing the website

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Apologies if you’ve experienced recent problems accessing the website:
we had a server issue which became impossible to fix without outside assistance.
[ Thank you Martin at Dataflame! ]

If anyone reading this is computer-literate enough to explain the circumstances that can lead to cpanel becoming out-of-memory to the extent that cpanel access itself becomes impossible, and whether it is possible for an externally hosted wordpress-based site to mitigate against a future re-occurrence of said circumstance, please email mark@sithean.com with the email subject title ‘server issue’ as your input would be most welcomed!

Thank you Richard !!

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We recieved a very generous donation of £500 towards last week’s DAWGdogs show!

Thank you Richard it is incredibly kind of you!!

Thank you to The Friendly Dog Club!

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Thank you so much to Angela, Kate and everyone at The Friendly Dog Club for the money that was collected and donated to DAWGdogs.

The total amount was £258.89.

I really appreciate the support that you give the Rescue.


Thank you also for the fantastic display you put on at the DAWGdogs show!

At last!

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The BIG LIST of DAWGdogs!!

Thank you It’s Always There Pet Care !!

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Thank you so much to Stella of It’s Always There Pet Care dog groomers
for taking time out of her busy schedule to give Podge a wash, cut and blow dry today.
Podge had a lot of matts in his coat and needed a good sorting out.
Thank you Stella!

Thank you Afrivets !!

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Look what arrived from the lovely people at Afrivets vet surgery!

A Christmas box full of goodies for the dogs!

Thank you all so much from All the DAWGdogs!!

Sunday 13th Sep : Marathon for the Rescue !

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Message from Jane Ferguson :

Laura Ferguson, Samantha Fry, Ollie SFC Wareham and myself are running the New Forest Half Marathon
on Sunday, 13th September, 2015 in aid of DAWGdogs , which is very close to my heart.

Any sponsors, no matter how small, would be very much appreciated.
All donations will help rescue dogs receive the care they need whilst finding them loving forever homes.

Scoop Dogg

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Hi there,

I thought you might be interested in this video my local council has placed on Youtube.

It’s really funny but also has an important message about animal safety that I thought you might like to share.

When our local paper placed it on their Facebook page they said, “This is possibly the best thing Hornsby Council has ever done.”



Jack the Beagle

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Jack has returned safe and well!

The errant Jack has returned home.

His people deserve a medal for putting up with his escapades for all these years!

This is Jack who has been missing since the weekend.
Jack was adopted many years ago and has always been an escape artist but usually comes home.
This time he has not and everyone is very worried about him as he is an old boy now.

1st Feb 2014 : Dog First Aid Course

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