Darcy (a.k.a Suki)

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progress update: 16/03/2019

Hello DAWGdogs.
Want to say hello and show you how beautiful I am now.
Lots of love from Darcy
(adopted through you just over two years ago, previously known as Suki).

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Thank you Pets at Home !!

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All of us at Dorset Animal Workers Group (DAWGdogs) would like to say thank you to
Support Adoption for Pets, Chris and his team at Branksome Pets at Home and the customers
for the £859.50 raised during the Santa Paws Appeal at Branksome Pets at Home.

We and the dogs enjoyed our time fundraising and meeting customers.
We thought you would like to see some photos of us in store fundraising over the last year.

Buddy the lurcher

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progress update: 16/03/2019

DAWGdog Buddy with friend.
Thank you Susan Talbot for sending in this photo

Thank you All at Animal Canopy!!

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We would like to say a big

“Thank you!!”

to Animal Canopy

for the cheque sent to the Rescue.

We are very grateful and it will help towards the running costs of the Rescue.

Mollie and Bruce

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progress update: 04/03/2019

Hello from Mollie and Bruce in Weymouth, we’re very lucky to have two Kelpies who are ambassadors meeting people who come to Weymouth and making new friends everyday.
They also share their story about how rescue dogs make perfect companions.
Bruce tells the story of how as a small puppy he came to live with us.
And everyone can believe Mollie was a wonderful mother who came over with her puppies.
Everyone thinks their related but we say no just the same breed.
They always ask people to adopt and not shop we know it makes sense

Bagel (a.k.a Bailey)

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progress update: 03/03/2019

Hi, 3 years ago today we brought home Bailey, now called Bagel mostly.
We love having him in our lives, there is never a dull moment !


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Badger has now found a home !!

This is Badger.
Badger arrived just before Christmas and is fostering with Ann on her smallholding.
He is used to animals of all types and coming up five months of age.
Lovely puppy BUT a Collie and intelligent and active, he will need a home that is active and able to give him good walks and intellectual stimulation and that doesn’t mean reading The Times to him everyday.

Thank you Catherine Dashwood for taking the photos

WARNING: Don’t walk your dog at Branksome Chine!

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Tara’s pups: Carol, Lenny (a.k.a Mark), Ellen, Polar & Ali

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All the pups have now found homes !!

progress update on Lenny: 14/02/2019

Lenny update – just graduated from his first puppy course.
Will start the novice course in a couple of weeks

progress update on Lenny: 19/01/2019

Lenny is settling in so well in his new home
The kids love him!

progress update: 18/01/2019

Ali is off to live with a friend of 30 years or more and will have the best of life with them.
Willoughby is teaching the puppies the last of their dog manners which involves chasing them across the kitchen if they are too cheeky, keeping away from his dinner and chasing the mop – not sure chasing the mop was on my list of well behaved puppies !

progress update: 13/01/2019

Gemma and Stuart kindly offered to foster the pups this weekend and I was looking forward to a lay in for the first time in 11 weeks.Still woke up at just before 7 am this morning in time to give them breakfast…. Seems strange not have a chorus of excited puppies ready to start the new day. Carol is off to a fabulous home on Monday.
Here they are enjoying themselves at Gemma and Stuart’s:






Polar, Carol, Ali & Ellen





Tara was in the family way when she arrived and in October we had the patter of little feet arrive.
Five puppies were born on the 21st October: [Helen’s birthday ^^]
Two have found homes and we have Carol, Ellen and Ali looking for homes.
They are a mixture of allsorts with a dash of Terrier of them.
Gorgeous and entertaining but a lot of work
Anyone thinking of offering a home must be aware that though cute they soon grow and will be chewing for England,
and they need house training and general training.