Could you be a DAWGdog fosterer in 2015? A New Year could be a new life for more dogs if we can get more places for them to stay !

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Could you foster a DAWGdog ?


Every foster home we have means another dog we can save.
We are looking for people who have homes with well enclosed gardens and who are at home for most of the day.
The dogs that we care for are all different, the only thing they all have in common is that they all deserve a better life!

Many of the dogs will be in poor condition on arrival.
Some are underweight, others may have skin complaints or injuries, some will have been very badly treated and spent a life living in fear of the next blow.
This is where the foster homes come in. It is their job to build the dogs up, returning them to a a good state of health, and above all the foster home will need to teach the dogs that not all people are bad!

Some of the dogs have never lived in family homes and therefore they need to be taught some manners, for example, shoes are not for teething on, settees are not for sleeping on, gardens are not for digging in and it is not acceptable to help themselves from the fridge or table.
On arrival all dogs are stressed, sometimes from a long journey, and inevitably they will get upset tummies so you may feel as though you are spending all day with a mop in your hand!!

All food, bedding and vets expenses are paid for by D.A.W.G, so it will not stretch your finances, however it may stretch your patience!! It also helps to have a car to collect the dogs and also to take the dogs to our vet when needed.

Fostering can be messy, upsetting and hard work, but the feeling you get from knowing you have made a real difference makes it all worthwhile.

If you are unable to foster a dog full time but are able to on the weekends,
we always have dogs that would appreciate a weekend of TLC and undivided attention !

Tric the Scottie (a.k.a Skip McDuff)

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progress update: 16/12/2014

Tric has now found a home !!

progress update: 21/11/2014

Skip McDuff has had a bath although he still resembles the sheep dog in the specsavers ad lol
If you can offer him a new hair do and a loving home please call us

Tric is settling in with Pat and she will send in a write up once he has settled.
He is a lovely dog who gets on with other dogs and children.

Skip McDuff arrived at silly o’clock this morning,
he is a delightful Scottish terrier, young male, travels well, good on and off his lead, great with other dogs
A really nice little chap, I think about one year old possibly two,
photos don’t do him justice as he is sporting a bad hair cut

Minnie the Minx ( a.k.a Milo ) & her 9 pups

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progress update: 16/12/2014

Minnie has now found a home !!



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progress update: 16/12/2014

Siggy has now found a home !!

Siggy is one of Minnie’s pups

Remus (a.k.a No 8), Fennel, Poppy (a.k.a Kohl), Lola, Dude (a.k.a Turnip), Bowie, Parsnip + Lottie (aka Dottie)!

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All these dogs have now found homes !!

progress update on Remus: 10/12/14

Remus in his Stokerhounds’ Christmas coat!



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Jarl has now found a home !!

progress update: 13/12/2014

Jarl has been with us for nearly a week.
He is a happy, contented little boy.
Sleeps in his crate at night, wakes up when we do, no mess, happy to be left on his own for a little while, occasional accident but knows to go to the toilet in the garden, gets on well with our other dogs Ozzie and Taylor, loves to play.
I want to keep him ……..

Jarl is one of Minnie’s pups

Bertie (a.k.a Bjorn)

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progress update: 13/12/2014

Little Bertie (formally Bjorn) has his Christmas jumper sorted to keep out the chill this year.

Bertie (previously Bjorn from Minnie’s litter) gives as good as he gets during play fights with big brother Winston!

Bjorn has now found a home !!

Bjorn is one of Minnie’s pups

Connor and Daisy ( a.k.a Dolly )

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progress update on Daisy: 10/12/14

Very proud moment today when Daisy (aka Dolly) and I were presented with The Friendly Dog Club Good Companion Foundation Award.
Daisy is a really quick, clever dog, and we are so happy to have her!



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Scout has now found a home !!

progress update: 10/12/2014

I’m Scout’s new mum. He is having a lovely time.
Sleeping well and “decorating” the garden a treat!
I can’t believe how many cuddles he gives.
I feel very, very lucky indeed. Hope Scout feels the same!
Our daughter is beside herself and I think my husband is secretly ecstatic too.
Don’t think any of us have stopped smiling since Saturday.
What an amazing job DAWG does and a big thank you to Helen, Jane and my lovely sister-in-law Jane for helping make it all happen.
E xxx

Scout has just arrived at the Rescue,
he is approx 4 months old and has a kind and gentle nature.
Scout is a Collie mix so should be medium size and will require the usual puppy training and social skills.


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Freddie needs a home !!

progress update: 13/12/2014

Freddie keeping warm under his blanket
He has had a great weekend out riding with the horse, trip to the garden centre, was very popular with everyone and even got a cheeky sausage

Unfortunately Freddie is looking for a new home following his previous owners decline in health.
Fred is approx. 6 years old, male neutered Jack Russell.
His foster Mum Jane says: I have looked after Fred many times over the past year or so and he is a great little dog,
clean in the house and great with my two girls , Fred is very active and loves his walks, he can pull on the lead,
is good off lead but becomes a little deaf around squirrels his a typical terrier not keen on cats.
Fred is very affectionate and loves a cuddle (preferably under the duvet!!)

If you may be able to offer a home or would like more details

please contact Helen directly on:

We usually only rehome within approx. 50 miles of the Bournemouth / Poole area
so that we can ensure the continued well-being of the dogs in our care.
We will only rehome further afield if the homes are exceptional.
We are NOT looking for just ANY home that is offered.
All potential homes will be assessed to try and ensure the best possible home
to cater for the differing needs of each individual dog that we rescue