Could You Be A Foster Home?

Every foster home we have means another dog we can save. We are looking for people who have homes with well enclosed gardens and who are at home for most of the day. The dogs that we care for are all different, the only thing they all have in common is that they all deserve a better life!

Many of the dogs will be in poor condition on arrival. Some are underweight, others may have skin complaints or injuries, some will have been very badly treated and spent a life living in fear of the next blow. This is where the foster homes come in. It is their job to build the dogs up, returning them to a a good state of health, and above all the foster home will need to teach the dogs that not all people are bad!

Some of the dogs have never lived in family homes and therefore they need to be taught some manners, for example, shoes are not for teething on, settees are not for sleeping on, gardens are not for digging in and it is not acceptable to help themselves from the fridge or table.
On arrival all dogs are stressed, sometimes from a long journey, and inevitably they will get upset tummies so you may feel as though you are spending all day with a mop in your hand!!

All food, bedding and vets expenses are paid for by D.A.W.G, so it will not stretch your finances, however it may stretch your patience!! It also helps to have a car to collect the dogs and also to take the dogs to our vet when needed.

Fostering can be messy, upsetting and hard work, but the feeling you get from knowing you have made a real difference makes it all worthwhile.

If you are unable to foster a dog full time but are able to on the weekends,
we always have dogs that would appreciate a weekend of TLC and undivided attention !