Fox & cubs update

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Here is a photo of the cub in carrier ready to go off for release.

The conjunctivitis now all cleared up .

He was released this evening back to his family .

The greeting he gave the Dog fox was just amazing and a treat to behold.

Sheila has sent photo of the two cubs who have bonded immediately.

This is the cub with prolapsed bowel and the one we could not find family’s home to release back to and will be released eventually together.

This is the cub who had the prolapsed bowel ready to go to Sheila’s to be with the cub she is looking after at her place now his companion has been released.

He is recovering extremely well.

Foxes thank emergency vets at Walton Lodge and Afrivets !

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It has been a Foxy week this last week with three cubs arriving and today an adult Fox with a foreign object in between his toes.
Removed and cleaned up by emergency vets this evening.
Antibiotics given along with painkiller and now safely installed in a large crate so we can monitor he is eating well before release on Tuesday back to where he came from.
Two cubs came in last Sunday one with conjunctivitis and the other with a prolapsed bowel.
Now both doing well and hope to release the one with eye problem back to his family.
The other cub arrived Thursday and in spite of attempts to find the place where her family live we had no success with this.
She will be living with another cub until we can soft release them both late August.
Here is a photo of the adult Fox:

The cubs don’t keep still enough for photos but will try to get a couple.
Thank you to the emergency vets based at Walton Lodge who have been marvellous and also Afrivets who have put up with my endless phone calls to them this week for advice!

Five fox cubs!

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I am sorry that we have a been a bit tardy in answering messages by phone or email but it is that time of the year again and have been hand rearing these lovelies.
They have been on 24 hour 1 and 2 hour feeds and now up to 3 hour feeds during the day and will go longer at night.

Normal service will be resumed once they are weaned.

fox cub

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We don’t just rescue dogs and sometimes have the pleasure of a fox cub needing help.
This is the 4th one so far this year that has come in to us.


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Foxy came into the Rescue last week with no obvious injuries apart from an apparent severe concussion.
We did what we could for him including a full check-up and treatment at the vets,
and he had a good meal and a comfortable, safe, dry place to stay to get lots of sleep and rest.
Unfortunately it became apparent he was in no condition to be released and the poor chap didn’t make it through Thursday night.

Thank you Gemma and James of Poole Police Station !!!

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We would like to say a very big thank you to Gemma and James of Poole Police Station who,

last night whilst driving back to the Station to finish their shift, saw a fox cub hit by a car.

They then followed it into the garden of a house where it had gone to ground under a shed.

Poole Police Station phoned Helen at the Rescue and asked if she could help.

Gemma and James stayed on to assist Helen for two hours after the end of their shift to help to rescue the fox, who sadly had a broken pelvis and had to be put to sleep.

Although it is unfortunate that the fox was too injured to save nevertheless their prompt action and selfless aid saved the poor fox from a long and painful death.

They said that they couldn’t have possibly have gone home and left the fox where it was, they would have felt guilty for the rest of their lives.

We all really appreciate all the effort that they made !

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Updated March 20, 2008 Categories: foxes and fox cubs, successfully rehomed.