These cats need homes !!

Updated February 11, 2012 Categories: cats.

These cats need homes !!

Hi Helen,
Please find attached pictures of Kittens.
3 of then about 5 months old, sex unknown, abandoned, living outside, not feral but scared. just need a home and handling

If you may be able to offer a home
or would like more details

please contact Helen directly on:

Jeeves The Cat

Updated November 1, 2010 Categories: cats.

Jeeves needs a home!

Hi all, my name is Jeeves, I’m an Irish guy, good looking as you can see, & willing to travel.
I’m under year old so they tell me, but all I know for sure is that I’m super friendly, lap friendly you might say !, & I’m house trained.
They got me neutered & vaccinated & I’m slowly forgiving them for that, so I’m really looking for a new digs, where I can show you what a super cat I am.

Wooster the Cat

Updated October 27, 2010 Categories: Appeals from other rescues, cats.

Wooster needs a home!

My name is Wooster, I think I’m about a year old,
I was a feral cat when I made my way down to my new home when my farmer died,
but I’ve tamed down, & like nothing better then to sit on your lap now, in fact I am an absolute pet, I’ll even roll over for tummy rubs & purr for you.
Please can you give me a home, I am neutered & vaccinated now, & the perfect gentlemen when it comes to being house trained.
Can you give me a second chance ?
Yours hopefully,