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Updated April 5, 2014 Categories: adverts, fundraising.

We need to raise more money for the Rescue.
There are several high vets bills to be paid ( not least that for Hope’s recent treatment ) and there have been plans for several years to improve facilities at the Rescue which we would love to impliment and which now at last are becoming a possibility.
Also Helen’s trusty old Volvo estate which has been cheerfully destroyed by many DAWGdogs in the past ( most notably Dooley who ripped out the roof, interior door panels and large sections of the wiring! ) is about to be replaced because the locks are persistently failing to work and this has gone from being an annoyance to a liability.

So, experimentation is being made with having more adverts on the website to help to try and bring in a bit of extra revenue. Likely amounts are small, but since the outlay is zero then it is worth it.

However, we don’t want to annoy YOU, the loyal visitors to this site who make it all worthwhile.
So please let us know if you feel that the balance has been compromised or if you find the adverts detract too much from the rest of the website.

If you REALLY can’t stand adverts then I’d recommend ADBLOCK PLUS to blank them all out, but as it stands the Google adverts will generate us a small donation every time that they are clicked, and the other adverts will generate small donations based on a percentage of any subsequent purchases on the promoted websites, and all of these will slowly mount up over the life of the website and be useful to us and to the DAWGdogs, so please only block them as a last resort.

Please feel free to email either or about this at any time.

Best wishes,