Updated August 27, 2013 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Angel has now found a home !!

progress update: 27/8/13


Angel is a deaf Collie that Fran her foster Mum adopted.
Here is Fran with Angel who was so tired after chasing Holly and the ball and just lay on the ground with her tongue hanging out

This is Angel she is a young , deaf Collie.
Angel has the sweetest nature and loves to snuggle right into your neck.
She is frightened of having a lead on or anything being put over her neck – this is probably from being tied up.
In no time at all she will learn that a lead means a walk.
Fran her foster Mum has plenty of time to spend with her so she will be out on walks soon.
Angel is bright and intelligent and very gentle, she quickly learnt where the food was kept and flipped the lid off the food bin to have a look inside.
She is quite thin and has been underfed poor thing so lots of extra meals for her.
Deaf dogs are much easier to train than people think and being a Collie she will pick up sign language quickly.
A home with another dog could help as she will follow their lead.
More photos to follow as this does not show her beautiful looks so well.