Arnie (a.k.a Ballast)

Updated January 11, 2016 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 11/01/2016

Hi Helen, Arnie has settled in really well and is a loved member of the family.
He has grown to a massive 7 stone and that’s 7 stone of pure muscle, not fat!
As you can image, he can be a little difficult to handle at times when out walking but I still have the upper hand on him!
This adorable gentle is admired wherever we go and I wouldn’t change him for the world (well for the world I may have to think twice)
You may be interested to know that my wife who is Spanish did a little research into his background and found that he is a cross between a Lab and a Spanish Mastiff, hence his huge size!

Arnie has now found a home !!

Update from his new home :-

Balast now renamed Arnie has settled in really well.
He is in a dream to take out as he walks side by side with me and my Dalmation without any pulling at all.
He has had no accidents in the house and appears to be clean.
After jumping in the pond chasing the fish he has now had a bath and smells wonderful.
The only other incident to report is that he had chewed up my slippers ?

He is a Labrador Cross only six months old.
Ballast is a big softie, young, bouncy and in need of normal training.
He really is a very nice boy.
When he arrived at the Rescue Rocco who has the normal small dog ego, bullied him –
what did Ballast do but reverse as quick as he could and looked at Helen as if to say ” OH my God save me !! “